7 Conventional Ways to Position Yourself

If you’re a service professional like a coach, consultant, healer, or other service provider, I’ll bet you’re working way too hard to get clients and you probably feel like you’re overwhelmed and frustrated with chasing after people. One very big reason for this is you’re not clearly positioned — you’re not clearly differentiated — from your competition so people don’t understand why they should buy from you rather than you’re competitor.

In this video, I explain 7 conventional ways to position your service business so you stand out from the competition and make it easier for ideal clients to recognize why they should work with or hire you over your competition. To receive updates when Winnie posts more videos designed to take the mystery out of selling your services, subscribe to this channel. And for more information about Winnie and how she solves sales mysteries for clients, visit her website at http://WinnieAnderson.com

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