About Winnie Anderson

Helping Introverted Entrepreneurs Position and Pre-Sell Themselves to Attract the Best Clients and Opportunities

You were once the resident expert inside the organization where you worked.  

People came to you for your expertise, and your opinions were well respected.

So when you decided to go out on your own as a coach or consultant, you were confident you would be able to build a thriving practice in no time. 

But...it hasn't been as easy as you thought.

You quickly discovered that you love what you do but not the whole marketing and sales process. 

Selling your services feels gross. It's like you're bragging and trying to convince people to hire you.

You know you can help them but it can be hard to get them to see it. Then if they do see it, you have to deal with the whole pricing thing and getting them to say "yes."

You wish clients or joint venture partners would come to you ready to work with you.

Well, that actually does happen when you adopt a strategy I call "pre-selling."

My Best Clients -- those I love to work with and who love working with me...

I most enjoy working with consultants, coaches, and other service experts who have a corporate background.

We speak the same language and have had similar experiences.

  • I work with people who...
  • are either in the early stages of building their business or are making a shift in their work

  • are working too hard to get clients and want to leverage online tools like social media and their website. Often their strategies aren't working and their site and messaging are out of date.

  • may have successful businesses but want to go in a different direction and need help to figure out and plan how to do that

  • tend to be mission-driven -- they are passionate about making a difference but they also want to earn more and work a bit less

  • want to build a micro firm -- they're not interested in becoming the next big guru to their audience and don't want to have an elaborate business structure. They know they need help and they're fine with getting it but they're also looking to avoid the headaches they remember they had as a department or division head in corporate life

  • hate selling and aren't too crazy about marketing (especially that hypey, guru-style of marketing that seems so fake)

Most of all, the people I work with consider themselves introverts or shy. They have been "behind the scenes" experts and like it that way. They worry that they won't be able to grow a business in a way that feels good to them.

You can learn more about the people I work with here and see if we'd be a good fit.

My Life Has Been Spent Helping Others Use Their Gifts and Achieve Their Goals

I've been studying and trying to understand people's behavior my whole life. 

As a child growing up in a dysfunctional home, I became really good at monitoring the atmosphere and trying to recognize what would set my mother off.

 hid in detective stories, progressing quickly from Encyclopedia Brown to Nancy Drew to Sherlock Holmes.

Those books taught me problem solving and analytical thinking.

I was the friend others called when they needed help understanding their girlfriend / boyfriend, peer group, teacher, or parents. 

I've always considered myself an educator first. As a matter of fact, my undergrad degree is in education and I hold two professional certificates -- teacher of business and student personnel services.

But the first third of my professional life was spent in human resources. My specialties were recruiting, training, and organizational development in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. I helped the organizations I worked for grow and achieve their goals by selecting and developing the best staff possible.

And since I love learning, I went on to get a Masters in HR and held certification as a Senior Professional in HR for about 15 years.

Signumd Freud beanie doll and a head sculpture with areas of the brain mapped on it

One of my first consulting clients called me a "marketing psychiatrist" and gave me a Sigmund Freud beanie.

I Understand the Need to Reinvent Yourself

Eventually I got frustrated by corporate life while at the same time feeling called to do something different. Something that would have more impact on society and that would be more in alignment with my beliefs and values. So I walked away from a job I was great at with a company that loved me and started all over with the local office of a national nonprofit. 

Three promotions and 18 months later, I was the Director of Human Resources and Chapter Operations when I was literally knocked out of work after sustaining injuries in a serious car accident.

I went from graduating in the top 10% of the class at graduate school to suddenly not knowing how to tie my own shoes. 

Determination and months of weekly therapy sessions with a team of doctors, including time spent relearning how to learn, helped me manage my traumatic brain injury. 

It was that accident that led me on a quest to connect my spiritual self with my work self, and to make the most impact I could on others and the world with the second chance  at life that I’d been given.

As I struggled to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life, I started writing articles. One of them caught the eye of the owner of a startup brand design firm and that began my career as a brand strategist and copywriter.

While working for the agency I...

  • uncovered, documented, and systematized the owner's process
  • created all of the agency’s marketing materials
  • developed an assessment we used as a lead generation tool  
  • turned the agency’s process into a do-it-yourself kit 
  • launched the agency's blog and newsletter
  • ghost wrote the owner's monthly column on brand strategy that was published in a retail industry magazine
  • used white-hat SEO strategies to get the agency's site to the op of page 1 in Google in just 3 weeks

I also created strategy and wrote copy for our clients, including a home improvement contractor who brought in $400,000 worth of new business in only four months using a sales kit I developed. 

That kit also won a Silver Prize in the 2007 International Davey Awards. 

I could sell others but not myself

With accomplishments like that you'd think I'd have no problems getting clients, charging top rates for my work, and quickly building a wildly successful business.

Unfortunately that's not what happened. 

That famous philosopher, Anonymous, once said that "Being self-employed is the toughest personal development program you'll ever go through."

Boy was that guy right.

Stuff I thought I had dealt with or didn't even realize I had issues with was actively holding me back.

Self-doubt. Unworthiness. Perfectionism. 

A deep need to be liked led to a fear of rejection. 

I chronically undercharged and over-delivered to the point that it was impossible to be profitable.

Things Changed When I Began to Accept Myself

Once I recognized that the patterns I had developed -- that actually made me a great employee and brought me success in corporate life  -- and the beliefs attached to them were holding me back I was able to begin the process of dealing with them and creating stronger, more powerful thoughts and behaviors.

I took actions to be seen and build a brand. 

I started having clients reach out to me, ready to work with me.

I raised my rates and developed strong boundaries so I became more profitable.

I started a coaching group to help other introverted professionals break free from their dispempowering patterns and develop the courage, confidence, clarity, and (self) compassion they need to take action and overcome perfectionistic tendencies.

I work on my own development every day. I read, do research, get coaching when I need it, and regularly attend high-quality training programs and complete certifications. 

As a matter of fact, I'm one of the world's first 50 Personal Branding Strategists, one of the first 100 Publish & Profit certified book publishing consultants. I recently completed certifications in Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing through Hubspot. I was certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources for about 15 years.

How Would Your Business and Life Change If You Took Action on Things That Mattered Most?

I'm not talking about occasional action, but consistent steps to come out of hiding....start speaking...write that book...create a powerful blog...and create a marketing and sales process that works WITH your personality, not against it.

Courageous Success consists of 6 elements:

Clarity -- on what you want, how you get in your own way, what's truly important, things that hold you back...

Beliefs -- recognizing the disempowering stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck and instead embracing powerful beliefs that support you

Environment -- surrounding yourself with like-minded professionals who cheer, encourage, and hold you to your goals

Skills -- leveraging your strengths, developing the skills that matter (like having effective marketing conversations, writing, presenting yourself without feeling or being salesy), and getting help from other experts when needed

Action -- completing the projects you start, focusing on the activities that will have the biggest impact, recognizing and ending procrastination's hold over you

Ready to Take Action?

If you're serious about making changes in your life then we should probably talk. I can help you decide which program and which next step is best for you. Click the link to make a date to talk.

Still not sure? Then you can go here to see if you're the kind of person I work best with or go here to learn about the services I provide and how I work with clients.