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wha_leaning_greysuit_white_bkgrndIf you aren’t able to achieve your business goals, you may be wrestling with beliefs and patterns that developed as a child as you navigated the toxic environment you .


In my corporate life as a Human Resources manager and director I designed and delivered dozens of training programs to thousands of people at every organizational level.

I helped the organizations I worked for plan and achieve their goals.

As a brand strategist and copywriter I effectively sold my employer’s services and those of our clients, including ghost writing columns, creating packaged programs, developing marketing and brand building strategies for companies ranging from startups to decades old organizations. I even created a sales kit that sold $400,000 worth of new business in just four months for one of our clients.

But when I was out on my own I was ineffective at selling myself and would make every excuse possible to avoid taking action that could result in getting potential clients.

I had to admit I couldn’t face the potential rejection.

I struggled to market myself powerfully because I was afraid of being criticized.

Oh cognitively I knew that made no sense and I had to get past it.

But in reality I believed I was so worthless and so undeserving of the awards and praise I received that if it wasn’t for my husband I would have been homeless.

One day it hit me — the behavior patterns I had adopted as a child in order to survive my abusive home life were now actively in the way.

Things like perfectionism….people-pleasing…and an avoiding conflict management style to name a few.

That day I realized I was allowing my past to control my future.

I got good and mad at myself and threw myself into my recovery.

I suddenly stopped attracting unfocused, poor quality clients.

I created strong boundaries and began to charge what my work is actually worth.

I began finishing what I started, which led me to publishing my first best selling book which was endorsed by legendary management guru Ken Blanchard (who wrote classics like The One Minute Manager and Lead Like Jesus).

But you don’t have to be an abuse survivor to struggle with getting clients.

Those of us who were behind-the-scenes in corporate life thrived in our supporting roles. We excelled at helping others achieve.

But out on our own it can be difficult to get our message out in a powerful way that attracts enough of our ideal clients, referral partners, or opportunities.

As I continued to study the impact of abuse on adults I began to see how even society’s conditioning of us would reinforce the idea that talking about yourself is seen as bad — especially for women.

And those of us with emotional scars from abuse, or even from workplace bullying, could struggle to market ourselves effectively.


But you don’t have to try to sell according to the salesy processes other people use.


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