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10 Tips to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

This  an edited episode of my livestream show, The Courageous Entrepreneur. It airs Monday through Friday at 11:30am ET on Facebook.  You can visit my business page to watch all of the unedited videos and Like the page to get … Continue reading

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3 Components of Authenticity

This video is an edited recording of my live show. Below is a post based on this video. The Courageous Entrepreneur airs live on Facebook Mondays through Fridays at 11:30am ET. If you’re on Facebook, Like my business page to … Continue reading

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5 Critical Actions That Will Help You Attract Clients and Opportunities

Building a consulting, coaching, or other business as an expert problem solver can be isolating, frustrating, and depressing. It feels like a never-ending process of trying to get noticed, inspire those who notice you to learn more, and then invite them … Continue reading

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Sylvia LaFair Discusses the Patterns That Hold Us Back From Success

Welcome to the Courageous Entrepreneur Show. This is the show that educates and inspires you to address the emotional baggage that’s getting in your way and break through to the next level of success. In today’s episode, leadership expert Dr. … Continue reading

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6 Steps to Finish the Year Strong and Build Momentum for the New Year

Just under a year ago you had high hopes that this year would be full of amazing things and this would be YOUR year. Sure you got some things done; did some good work; but are you sure you’re going … Continue reading

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The “Where to Start” Advice Every Guru Gives That’s Dead Wrong (and what to do instead)

Every guru says to start at the same point – identify your Ideal Client. They tell you that’s the most important thing and that without clarity on that you’ll struggle. I think they’re dead wrong when they’re talking to service … Continue reading

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How to Keep Working In and On Your Business When the World’s Gone Mad

This has been a very sad week in the United States and it seems like the epicenter of sadness is Orlando, Florida. You may have found yourself struggling to focus on the work you needed to get done or maybe … Continue reading

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Mid-Year Check-in: 7 Elements to Review

I took advantage of the long Memorial Day weekend and beautiful weather we had in the Niagara region to sit on the deck and take stock of where I am, how to leverage the work I did in the first … Continue reading

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Strong Boundaries Make Strong Businesses for Solo Professionals

As someone with a deep wound around rejection, I grew up with a huge need to be liked. The first jobs I got as a kid were service-centered – where going the extra mile to please a customer was a … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Prepare for the Growth You’re Working So Hard to Achieve

I’m exhausted. Physically….mentally…emotionally exhausted. Motivated by my relocation five hundred miles away from my home in South Jersey, I decided to completely reinvent my business so it was more of the work I wanted to do and less of what … Continue reading

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