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wha_leaning_greysuit_white_bkgrndThe simplest thing to do is to just fill out the Contact Form on this page.
 Don’t worry. No one will see what you write.

The best way to reach me is to email me at Winnie (at) WinnieAnderson (dot) com (type that like a regular email address).

You can also connect with me through social sites. The best one to reach me through is Facebook

If you’d like to follow me and get the updates I share on social media, here are my profiles…

Facebook — personal

Facebook — Business page




Mailing Address
300 Mohawk Street
Lewiston NY 14092

Looking forward to connecting with you!








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  1. sandra harden says:

    I was really interested in your video presentation about getting a branded email address. I’m 54 and not very tech savvy, and don’t know where or how to start finding a brand niche. I don’t have a website, mainly because my interests are so far flung can’t figure out how to put them together in a single site. Right now, I’m a healthcare management student, interested in personal care and database information. I always wanted to get organized and start something on my own, but not a great sales person. Is there any hope I can learn how to build something from the bottom up? Any advice would be helpful and most appreciated. Thank you for your videos!
    sandy h

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