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The Greatest Positives of Being an Entrepreneur are Also Its Biggest Negatives...

  • No boss! - And no deadlines, no direction or focus, no clear priorities
  • Work from home! - It's isolating and easy to stay inside where it's safe 
  • No workplace politics! -- And no one to bounce ideas off or help you think through things when you get stumped
  • Do work you love ! - But you actually have to get clients and ask people to work with you AND you've got to do other stuff you probably aren't crazy about.  Yikes!

You Started Your Business with a Big Dream

​You started your business because you feel...
...called to a mission
...driven to help people to solve a problem
...blessed with talents you want to share with the world

Or maybe you're an accidental entrepreneur, like I was. Maybe you...
...have a personal, health, or family situation that drives you to work on your own laid off and couldn't find a job 
...realize organizational life would never give you what you want deep inside

Now You're Exhausted, Frustrated, & Torn as You Deal with Conflicting Priorities and Goals...

There's just SO much to much to many opinions about what you should be doing and how you should be doing it...

You try to juggle client work and your own projects; but you just can't seem to get your own big projects done fast enough (or at all). You're stuck at a plateau or in cycles of feast or famine.​

You DON'T NEED a new tool. You DO NEED to apply what you know. You DO NEED to consistently take action to get your message out, get more great clients, sell more of your programs, and maximize your revenue.

It's Time to Accept What is Truly Going to Create the Business You Dream of --  Taking Consistent Action on the Right Stuff

The answer isn't outside of you. It's not in a book or a program. It's in you. 

You're already enough and you always will be.  ​

What It Takes to Achieve Your Goals

  • Clarity. 
    "More clients" isn't clear. "More money" isn't clear. You've got to have 3-dimensional goals that are incredibly vivid when you picture them. You've got to have a message that's simple but clear so your audience understands how you're unique and why you're right for them. You have to offer a clear, specific outcome they truly want and are willing to pay for. If you're grasping at shiny objects and programs you don't have clarity.
  • Courage.
    According to, this is the "mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty." Building a business based on your talents is scary. You come face to face with things you never realized could hold you back.  
  • Consistency. Bingeing might be great for watching your favorite guilty-pleasure TV show but it really doesn't work for achieving the big goals (and dreams) we have. It often takes small actions done consistently that add up to the big leap we want to make in our business. But with so much to juggle as we grow that business it can be easy to put off the important things we know we need to do and work on them only now and then. Soon another year goes by and we're no closer to achieving our goal. Every big leap requires smaller actions first.
  • Confidence.
    You were the resident expert in your corporate life. The one people turned to for answers and who produced results. A very big fish in a relatively small pond. And now? You feel like a minnow in the ocean.  It feels hard to get attention and it can feel really uncomfortable to even try to get attention. Then there's the doubt that creeps in...are you good enough?...can you really make a difference? Sometimes you need to talk things through with like-minded professionals who get it and who can give you their two cents on your plans.
  • Community.
    Being an entrepreneur and growing a business can be isolating and frustrating. Sure you can find how-to information for anything online but how do you figure out the right next step for you? This is where being part of a community can help. But a Facebook or LinkedIn group can be too big to give you the attention or support you need and those platforms are incredibly distracting. You need achievement partners to encourage, cheer, and push you. It's that impartial person who can help you stay focused on your most important goals.
Winnie Anderson
Author | Podcaster | Coach

I'll Bet We're a lot alike...

When I got laid off in 2008 I knew I couldn't go back to work for someone else. But I could barely convince enough people to work with me to survive financially.

I spent money I didn't have on to make me feel like I was good enough and smart enough. I needed to fix what I believed was wrong with me.

I kept looking for the "thing"...the one thing that would give me that shortcut it seemed that others had taken.

But what I needed to do was admit that I had beliefs, conditioning, and strategies I had developed in my past that were no longer serving me.

I needed to consistently focus on the foundational basics of growing a business.​

I needed to regain the confidence I had in my own abilities when I was in corporate life.

After decades as a corporate employee who'd worked for abusive bosses I had to release the conditioning that caused me to question every decision I needed to make -- and to MAKE the decision.

As an adult survivor of emotional abuse on top of being a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor,​ I had to deal with the emotional blocks I had developed, come up with strategies that supported me, and find a way to stay focused on the truly important things to grow a profitable business and create the abundant future I wanted.

I Realized the Solution to My Own Problem Would Help Others...

​The more I started to move forward, the more others started asking me for help and advice. Soon I had an informal group of colleagues who I had these different accountability relationships with while at the same time I had begun using a tool I learned about from a guest on my first podcast, "Let's Talk Tech."

Suddenly I was more focused. I got stuff done and felt more confident doing it. I was moving forward. I was going to bed at a reasonable hour most nights of the week. And I finally started to believe in myself again.

And I felt more confident. Much more confident. 

​So I decided to test it out on my accountability partners to see if this tool -- along with virtual coaching by me -- would help them achieve their goals too.

Results The First Group Experienced...

John Doe UI/UX Designer
In the first 4 weeks Sue rekindled relationships which led to a guest blog post, and a freelance opportunity.  As she stuck with it, she was offered a mentoring opportunity with a well-known, popular training portal. She launched her podcast successfully and recently landed a contract with enough work to keep her busy for a year.

Gail got started on creating a product and began monetizing her site. She has gone on to start a livestream show and form a partnership.

Gail Turner Brown, Online Broadcaster -

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer
- Virtual Event Producer | Business Development Support
“Feeling good about spending time toward my goal...”
John Doe UI/UX Designer

It Was Like When Peanut Butter met Chocolate!

The Entrepreneur Achievers Club was born.

I'm building a community where like-minded independent professionals and entrepreneurs like you can get the support they need to consistently move forward to reach your goals, focus on your most important tasks, and put yourself out there in a bigger way to position and pre-sell yourself as the trusted authority you are so you can profit from your expertise. Things like writing a book, starting a podcast or web-based show, and creating a product.

This group is not about learning more stuff. It's not a system or a program. It's a club -- where members can come to get and give support; where we can hold each other accountable, develop referral relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs, and take consistent action to achieve our goals and our dreams.

It's about consistently focusing on what you already know you need to do and acting on it.

It's about believing in yourself.

Here's what membership in the Club gives you...​

  1.  Clarity: With so many ideas, "should do's", and shiny objects it can be hard to know what to focus on NOW. We'll work together to get you clear, get you focused, and with daily feedback you'll be able to make adjustments before you get too far in the weeds -- or better yet...avoid them altogether.
  2.  Awareness of Patterns: As an event attendee admitted, we're often the thing that's holding us back. Participating in the Club for just a few minutes a day helps you develop awareness of behaviors, beliefs, and actions that keep you frustrated and spinning your wheels. You'll recognize what needs to be changed and change it with the coaching and support from me and your fellow Club members.
  3.  Consistent Action: The Club combines nearly daily coaching and support with a mechanism to track your progress. Just like a food diary helps you make better eating and activity choices, taking small actions of just 5 to 15 minutes a day on your goals, and sharing those actions in the Club helps you create results you can feel good about.
  4. Support: In addition to daily coaching from me and your fellow Club members, there are virtual face-to-face Problem Solving Q&A sessions where we work together to discuss any bump on your road to success. You'll get recommendations, strategies, and opportunities to run things past us for feedback.
  5. Community: Being a solopreneur cam be isolating. It can lead to frustration and even depression. Being part of a positive community where you can truthfully share your ups and downs is an important part of good mental health. And often it's those outside of our businesses who can see our clear next step and point us in the right direction.

Become an Achiever! Join the Action Takers Group!

Only 4 spots available!

What you get when you become a member of the Action Takers Group:

  • 12 weeks of access to the platform where you'll share your actions and support your fellow Achievers. (99$ x 3 = 297$)
  • Kick-off Goal-Setting coaching call and Group Orientation to help narrow your focus and get you clear on your actions for the 12 weeks you're in the Club -- no more overwhelm! -- The next Kick-Off coaching session is on Wednesday, September 27th at 11:00am ET (yes it will be recorded but you really need to be there live if possible) (197)
  • Problem Solving Conversation​s once a month with me and your fellow group members to help you stay on track, get feedback, and discuss your progress. ($175)
  • Monthly work sprints where we'll come together and spend focused time working on our projects in a group environment. Even when your month goes off the rails you can come to this session and get on track. ($175)
  • Group Achievement Celebration session​ at the end of each 4 week cycle to celebrate what you've done and help you decide what's next. ($197)
  • Daily check-ins keep you focused, accountable, and aware of your own actions while you move forward and make progress on your goal, strengthen your confidence, and deepen your connection to the group. (Priceless!)
  • Daily coaching from the Club leader (me!) keeps you focused and on track  to achieve your goals and feel good about every positive step forward. Your fellow Group members cheer you on, celebrate with you, and push you when you need it. (Priceless!)

EXTRA BONUS: Join today and get... admission to the next running of my fun goal-setting workshop, Experience Success, where you'll "come as you'll be" 5 years in the future and start planning your next big leap ($197 value)

...a free PDF of my upcoming book, 7 Keys to Achieve Your Goals Faster and Easier ($10 value)


Next group starts Monday, November 27th. Goal Setting Session / Orientation at 11am ET that day.


Every Success Starts with Consistent Actions 

You have a mission to fulfill. You know that, don't you? Those you're meant to serve need you.

But they need to know you're out there. They need to understand what you do. They need to understand the offerings you have that solve their problem.

You know enough. You ARE enough. 

Whether you're building a foundation for success or making your next big leap, you need to get a clear message out consistently, and you need to stay focused on the most important things that will move your business forward.

Is This Right for You?

Are you...

  • A coach, consultant, healer, freelance service provider?
  • Looking for more support than you're getting from other groups you're in?
  • Generally positive and optimistic? Supportive of others?
  • Willing to make small changes and take small actions to move forward toward your big goals?
  • Committed to your own success and willing to do what's needed to make your business work?​

Here's What You Need and What You Don't Need

If you're done grasping at straws...done throwing ideas at the wall hoping one will stick...ready to come out of hiding and treat your business like a business...then join us.

What You Need

  • Crystal clarity on your goals and actions
  • A supportive environment of like-minded entrepreneurs who are walking the same path or who've been where you are
  • A positive community where you can be yourself, admit what's not working, and get the support you need
  • Daily accountability to stay focused so you don't go off into the weeds
  • Brainstorming and idea sharing 
  • Focus to build success habits that will last a lifetime, that helps you develop the confidence to keep moving forward

What You Don't Need

  • Some new "must use" tool 
  • Skills training in your area of expertise -- you know enough 
  • Some big mastermind group where you don't get the time or attention you need

Here's a Recap of What You Get as a Founding Member of the Action Takers Group

  • 12-Weeks in the Club at the Founder's investment. You'll be locked in to this price as long as you're in the Club.
  • Kick-off Goal Setting Party
  • 3 Monthly Problem Solving sessions
  • Work sprints -- fun, virtual sessions where we get together and focus on getting work done
  • Recommended resources and tools to save you time hunting for a solution
  • 3 live Problem-Solving Q&A /Brainstorming / Coaching sessions
  • Daily virtual coaching to keep you on track
  • Celebration Session at the end of each 4 week cycle to celebrate what you've achieved, discuss what you've learned, and talk about what's next for you.
  • Access to my exclusive First Friday networking events to meet other Club members who are in different groups  in the Club so you can build referral relationships.

Limited Time BONUS! Join now and get a free ticket to my virtual party / workshop "Experience Success". The half-day virtual event is a $197 value. Limited to the first 4 to join.

Get the slides from my Sept 27th presentation...