Managing a Growing Business and a Growing Family While Dealing with Depression

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When my friend and colleague, Shanna Landolt, shared on Facebook that she deals with depression I was shocked and moved.

I couldn’t believe that someone who appeared to have it all together — a thriving business…appearances in the media…..multiple best selling books. — could be depressed.

In addition to being a top recruiter in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, Shanna is also a highly sought after media authority as a Career and LinkedIn Expert.  She’s been featured all across North America on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CityTV & CTV.

Shanna has authored 6 books and is a 4x #1 International Best Selling Author. She works with authors to launch their books as #1 Best Sellers on Amazon.

Entrepreneurs, Organizations and People interested in Career Advancement hire Shanna to create compelling LinkedIn Profiles that get them found for their expertise.

Organizations hire Shanna as a Keynote Speaker at Industry Events to share how to create a personal brand in your business using Social Media & LinkedIn.

So you can understand how I would look at her and all she’s done and think “She can’t possibly be depressed!”

But her post moved me because it helped me recognize and admit to myself that depression has followed me my entire life.

I could see I’m not alone as an entrepreneur who manages depression.

So listen in as Shanna shares…

  • What made her admit she has depression and the aftermath of that admission
  • How long she’s been dealing with this and how it first manifested
  • The shocking incident that made her realize she really had a problem and needed help
  • How depression has impacted her professionally and how she manages it
  • Her tips for other entrepreneurs who deal with depression and who want to be successful inspite of it.

Some Additional Resources for You

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Shanna’s book, Secrets From a Headhunter

Official definition of Depression at the American Psychological Association’s website

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