Important Tools, Resources, and People to Build and Grow Your Business and Achieve Your Goals

“A man should keep his little brain attic stocked with all the furniture that he is likely to use, and the rest he can put away in the lumber-room of his library where he can get it if he wants.”  — Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Five Orange Pips

As a positioning strategist, I talk about the importance of narrowing your focus to be seen as the trusted adviser and go-to expert in your field.

So for me, it’s important that I have experts to recommend people to and that I can call on when needed for a project.

This page includes my own go-to experts and the various resources I use and recommend.

If you reach out to any of them be sure to let them know you found them through me.

Yes, some of the links below are affiliate links. That’s how I get my gas money 🙂 But do your due diligence and only buy what you think will work for you and only work with those who are a good fit for you.

Domain Registration

I only use GoDaddy. You can search RetailMeNot or FatWallet for discount coupon codes and save serious dough. I don’t use GoDaddy for hosting. Just for domain registration. I don’t believe in putting my eggs in one basket.

You get a domain and register it for a period of time — at least a year. Please be sure you get your own name as a domain. No, you can’t just have a Facebook page. No, you can’t just have a LinkedIn page. It’s not enough and you don’t own it. Here’s a video where I talk about social media and having a webpage and here’s a blog post about the same thing.


My current web host (for my website) is Hostgator. If you have a podcast like I do or are planning on launching one, don’t store your podcast media on your website hosting provider’s server. Lots of reasons but the main one is that you’re likely paying for shared hosting and if you start having a lot of downloads or traffic to your site for your show it will put more pressure on the server than they’ve allotted to you. I use Libsyn for my podcast.


Website building stuff


Thrive Themes is who I use for my own sites. At the time I write this, the site is using their Minus theme.


Newsletters / Autoresponders / Broadcast emails

If you’re a total DIY-er with not a lot of tech skills then you want to use Mad Mimi. It’s totally simple. I taught myself without even reading the directions.

There are lots of good options out there if you’re looking for a more robust solution. Ones I’ve heard good things about include iContact, Get Response, and Active Campaign.

If you’re ready for a marketing automation platform I recommend you check out my friends at TPNI and look at their Engage platform. My friend, Robin Phillips would be happy to give you a demo. Just tell him that I sent you.


Royalty-Free Images

You need great images on your site and in your collateral material.

I use but you can also look at There are other solutions out there but Pixabay is the easiest to use.

I use iStock when I need something super special and feel it’s worth the extra money. But sign up with them for a free account first because they give away free images each week.


The Irregulars

“It is the unofficial force — the Baker Street Irregulars”

Sherlock Holmes to Doctor Watson, A Study in Scarlet

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. In the original stories (called “the canon”) Holmes had a troupe of rag-tag children he would hire on occasion to help him on a case. They were his eyes and ears in the city in places he couldn’t go without being seen.

My version of the Irregulars are the professionals I count on for information, refer to, or partner with on various projects. I trust them as completely as Holmes trusted his Irregulars so if you’re ever disappointed I want to know about it.

Sue Brettell — the most brilliant visual branding professional I’ve ever met.  She specializes in rebrands and does site development using WordPress. She involves a partner on complicated sites but can do many on her own.

Judy Jordan — My technical assistant. She’s way more than a VA.

Gretchen Breuner — If you’re looking to move from free speaking to paid you want to check her out. She has a course that

Susan Weeks — When you’re ready to work with  a podcast producer who will put your show together so you just do the recording and not worry about it, then you definitely want to reach out to Sue.


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