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The “Where to Start” Advice Every Guru Gives That’s Dead Wrong (and what to do instead)

Every guru says to start at the same point – identify your Ideal Client. They tell you that’s the most important thing and that without clarity on that you’ll struggle. I think they’re dead wrong when they’re talking to service … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Choosing a Niche

Gurus talk about it, sales books cover it….choosing a niche or target audience really is an important decision to make. But most entrepreneurs resist it for a variety of reasons including… fears that any customers are better than no customers … Continue reading

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Tips to Focus on Those You Serve Best — Ideal Clients

One of the frustrating challenges of starting, running, and growing a business — especially a small consulting, coaching, or other expertise-based business — is narrowing your focus so you’re talking to and attracting ONE type of client. This is really … Continue reading

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