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5 Critical Actions That Will Help You Attract Clients and Opportunities

Building a consulting, coaching, or other business as an expert problem solver can be isolating, frustrating, and depressing. It feels like a never-ending process of trying to get noticed, inspire those who notice you to learn more, and then invite them … Continue reading

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The “Where to Start” Advice Every Guru Gives That’s Dead Wrong (and what to do instead)

Every guru says to start at the same point – identify your Ideal Client. They tell you that’s the most important thing and that without clarity on that you’ll struggle. I think they’re dead wrong when they’re talking to service … Continue reading

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7 Types of Proof Elements and How They Help Clients Decide to Buy

Buying is full of risk. There are lots of reasons your Prime Suspects don’t buy from you but they all boil down to fear. They’re afraid you won’t deliver….afraid your solution will make things worse and not better…afraid the return … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Make Sure You Have the Right Pics for Marketing Your Business

I was on Skype with my colleague in an online mastermind group last night. We’ll call her Sandi (since that’s her name). She was looking for feedback on book covers for a client project. Sandi had been working on this … Continue reading

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The secret to powerful messaging that’s not salesy

If you’re a consultant, coach, licensed service professional or other expert who’s stock in trade is their expertise, one issue you may struggle with is getting your message out in a powerful way that doesn’t come across as salesy. If … Continue reading

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