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The “Where to Start” Advice Every Guru Gives That’s Dead Wrong (and what to do instead)

Every guru says to start at the same point – identify your Ideal Client. They tell you that’s the most important thing and that without clarity on that you’ll struggle. I think they’re dead wrong when they’re talking to service … Continue reading

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Embrace your unique difference to position yourself clearly

Embracing and operating with a Help Clients Buy mindset means giving your Prime Suspects (AKA best clients) the information they need to make the best decision for them. No chasing…no being salesy. The first thing to do is to make … Continue reading

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7 Types of Proof Elements and How They Help Clients Decide to Buy

Buying is full of risk. There are lots of reasons your Prime Suspects don’t buy from you but they all boil down to fear. They’re afraid you won’t deliver….afraid your solution will make things worse and not better…afraid the return … Continue reading

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6 Tips to Use Testimonials to Help Clients Feel Confident in You and Buy

I follow several copywriters who are all at the top of their profession and niche segments. Each has a slightly different focus and I learn from all of them. One of them was talking about the power of testimonials and … Continue reading

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4 Steps to Improve Discoverability and Pre-Sell Your Offerings

Not long after Al Gore invented the Internet, entrepreneurs started dreaming that clients would magically find their shiny new websites, instantly understand the entrepreneur’s value, and start sending them money. But of course getting found has become harder and harder … Continue reading

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Have a clear point of view and share it bravely — if that POV is controversial

Super Bowl commercials have become so big that lots of people watch the game just to see them. Me? I just watch them all on You Tube either before or after the game. Like lots of people, I was taken … Continue reading

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Your POV — the Foundation of Your Unique Position

I was listening to a segment of Seth Godin’s Start-up School Podcast when he said something I’ve heard others say but that really hit me this time. “Have a point of view.” He had been talking to his audience about … Continue reading

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Tips to Focus on Those You Serve Best — Ideal Clients

One of the frustrating challenges of starting, running, and growing a business — especially a small consulting, coaching, or other expertise-based business — is narrowing your focus so you’re talking to and attracting ONE type of client. This is really … Continue reading

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A simple, 3-part formula to introduce yourself powerfully without being salesy

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5 Tips to Take Your Message From Ego-Focused to Client-Focused

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