The Confidence Builder Series

Confidence is a muscle that needs to be built and strengthened. Building your confidence requires focus on a host of issues and commitment to move forward and step into your greatness. This series of experts will share their strategies on each aspect of finding, embracing, and communicating with courage. So, if you wrestle with confidence issues, then consider registering for the entire series. You can also register for each session separately.

These sessions are all webinars so you do need to be in front of your computer to experience them fully. If you buy an individual session or the entire series, you'll get the video recording as well as the audio plus any handouts that go with them.

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 Meet your host, Winnie Anderson

I'm host of the podcast, Let's Talk Tech. I'm also a best-selling author, award-winning copywriter / brand strategist, and a business development specialist. I had successful corporate careers in human resources and in marketing but I struggled out on my own.  

I reached rock bottom when I realized I was caught up in a cycle of self-sabotage that kept me from achieving the very things I wanted.

​I came to realize that the strategies and skills I used to survive an abusive childhood and survive working for abusive bosses, and the skills that made me a successful employee were actively holding me back from creating a successful consulting practice.

I faced my demons, took massive action, and launched my podcast onto New & Noteworthy for all of iTunes as well as in the three categories it was assigned to. It remained there every day for 8 weeks.

The show has attracted me clients, strategic partners, and tremendous opportunities including being featured in two audio commercials for the hosting giant, Hostgator.

Today, I do work I love running a growing show and helping others who hate selling leverage podcasts and books to maximize their revenue and market their businesses.

In this monthly webinar series, I'll share how I broke free of self-doubt and built a Courageous Business Life.​

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Detach From the Outcome

the secret to breaking free of negative emotions

One of the issues I struggled with was feeling that every "no" was a rejection of me personally and that every setback meant I wasn't good enough to be self-employed. Once I embraced this concept I was able to move forward faster and put myself out there in a bigger way which is critical to making a leap in business.

Session:  October 20th from noon to 1:30pm ET​

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Take Massive Action

​Sure baby steps are ok sometimes -- as long as you're moving forward. But the real breakthroughs come from taking massive action. Facing the fear and making the leap anyway. (That's even a book -- Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway)

In this session I'll share the techniques I used to take action on a massive scale, what I continue to do, and where I can get caught up so you can learn from my mistakes and take your own massive action to produce big results.​

Session:  Thursday, November 17th Noon ET to 1:30pm T​

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How to Stay in Your Genius Zone

I wasted so much time and an embarrassing amount of money trying to fix what was "wrong" with me. 

Once I realized there was nothing wrong with me I was able to take actions that shot me forward and continue to support me as I finally grow my business. 

I'll share how I made the mindset shift and how I continue to tune out the noise from those who try to get me to conform to what they believe is right. 

Session: Thursday, December 15th noon ET to 1:00pm ET

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Past Sessions in the Series...

Jeff Rock, Career Coach & Brand Storyteller

Using Your Story to Create the Future You Dream Of.

Too often we struggle to have the breakthrough we want or experience sustained success because of the story we tell ourselves. And that story is often rooted in our past.

Join Jeff as he shares how you can leverage your story without letting negative issues define you. You'll discover...

  • Why your story matters and how to make it work for you
  • How to define the future story that will begin to transform your life today
  • How to choose which stories to keep and which to leave behind

Jeff Rock is a career coach, brand storyteller, and certified personal branding strategist. His work helps professionals to uncover, embrace, and make sense of their past to leverage it so it supports their transition to a new career or to new business success. His corporate experience combined with his unique ability to see your potential, mine your past skills and accomplishments, and break free from the negative aspects of your story enables him to coach and support professionals in their career transitions to create life and work that brings them joy and is true to their essence.

Jeff, his wife Mary, and their 4 dogs live on a small farm for rescued horses.​

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Clarity: The Foundation of Confidence
Winnie Anderson, Business Development Strategist and the series' host

 When you're crystal clear about what you want, where you're going, and what you value you're able to move forward with confidence and determination. 

But how do you actually get clear?

In this session, Winnie will explain what keeps you from getting clarity and will share steps she took to get as clear as she needed to be to take action and what she does now to continue to refine her vision, focus, and subsequently her confidence.​ 

Session: July 21 from noon ET to 1:30pm ET. (All sessions are on the third Thursday at noon ET)

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Needs vs Wants - How to keep this conflict from sabotaging your success

​Recognizing this conflict and resolving it was one of the biggest steps I took to make the breakthrough that ended self doubt for me (or at least significantly reduced it :-) ). I'll share what I discovered in myself and what I discovered in the research I did which will help you begin to see the conflicts you have and give you some tips and strategies for resolving them so you can move forward with confidence.

Session:  August 18 Noon to 1:30pm ET.

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Make Peace with the Past

We're all a product of our past and it can be easy to let our past dictate our future. This session will focus on recognizing how the strategies that got you here aren't what you need to move forward and how to put the past behind you once and for all. 

Session:  September ​ 15, noon to 1:30pmET

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You are worthy of the success you dream of! PLUS...people need to hear your message!

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