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One of the issues we solo professionals can wrestle with is embracing and leveraging who we really are in order to move forward and achieve our goals. Maybe we get easily distracted from a project or goal because we have so many ideas swimming in our heads or we may lack confidence in our work, in our plans, or even in ourselves. We may be naturally gifted in one area while we feel lacking in another and so spend all our time doing the thing we love and are good at. But the thing we’re lacking in and avoiding may be the very thing that can move our business forward.

This can be especially true for those of us who fall somewhere on the spectrum of being a creative entrepreneur.

Which is why I wanted today’s guest to be on the show.

Lisa Robbin Young is THE coach for creative entrepreneurs who are ready for help growing their business while getting their message out in the world. She blends a unique combination of business smarts with understanding the creative mind and personality because she’s a creative herself. Lisa is an international best selling author, a singer with multiple albums, and a video blogger.

Listen in as Lisa explains:

  • the differences between a creative entrepreneur and a plain old run of the mill entrepreneur?
  • How to identify where you fall on the creative spectrum and how understanding that can help you achieve your goals
  • Why she thinks DUMB goals are actually a good idea  3 types of growth plans and how someone can know which one is right for them and their business
  • The 5 million dollar growth plan she found in a box  the secret to staying on course with a growth plan and how to keep life from derailing us

As always listen all the way to the end where I’ll share your cocktail exercise and action step for this episode.

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Resources Mentioned in This Episode:
Creative Freedom Quiz

Lisa’s first book, The Secret Watch

Lisa’s soon-to-be-released book

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Lisa’s website

Lisa on social media:
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