One of the frustrating challenges of starting, running, and growing a business — especially a small consulting, coaching, or other expertise-based business — is narrowing your focus so you’re talking to and attracting ONE type of client.

This is really hard for those of us who are creative and who also consider ourselves spiritual or conscious.

We hate to turn people down.

It’s also easy to get a little nervous (ok…a lot nervous) in those moments when clients may be harder to come by….it’s summer and people are distracted….the holiday season and people are thinking of parties….end of the year when people are caught up planning…

But focusing on serving only those who you’re truly aligned with actually helps position you as the leader and expert for that segment.

This video gives you a few tips on the topic of what I refer to as Prime Suspects and Ideal Clients.

Think about who you’re trying to attract. The chances are good that if you’re messaging isn’t resonating with anyone it’s because you’re speaking too broadly. That’s a sure sign you need to narrow your focus.

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