We Help Service Businesses Thrive by Creating Websites and Content That Work

We consult with, coach, and teach you to apply a simple framework designed to attract great clients easier, build your brand as a helpful solution provider without posting to social media 24/7, worrying about Google's latest change, or wasting money on ads. We co-create your core Client Acquisition Tools and empower you to use them.

"Marketing's job is to make selling superfluous." 

~ Peter Drucker, legendary management consultant

With so much information online and so many options to chose from, it can be confusing and overwhelming to make decisions about how to market your business. You know content marketing is the most cost-effective option, but what do you create? How do you do it? Where do you post it? And how do you get it all done while delivering the great service your clients deserve while building a business you run, that doesn't run you?

That's where we come in...

Nail Your Messageā„¢

It's easy to believe you need to do a zillion things to market your business. Except without a clear message you're using a fire hose when you really need a squirt gun.

Grow Your Business

We work you to keep your business simple but  maximize your income and impact. We'll keep you focused on the key priorities to achieve your marketing and business goals.

Lower Your Stress

Focus on what works so you're not a slave to changes in technology. Improve revenue with shorter sales cycles. Get a balance of support and training so you're in control.

I understand how and why people buy.

I spent the first third of my career in human resources, where I specialized in training, recruiting, and organizational development.

My work supported business growth through the development of corporate cultures that resulted in reduced turnover, improved performance, and higher profitability through employees who embraced their role as brand ambassadors.

It was during this time I discovered a knack for "gap analysis" -- identifying what was missing between where the organization was and where leadership wanted it to go.

I was forced to reinvent myself after a car accident. That's when I moved into brand strategy and copywriting. I applied the same skills to develop marketing and sales processes, content, sales enablement tools, and marketing strategies that worked to bring in sales and grow my clients' businesses.

My Mission is to Help You Achieve Yours. 

I remember the minute I realized my purpose in life -- I'm here to teach adults the skills they need to excel and to build organizations that thrive. 

I believe that supports change in the world because it puts wealth into the hands of women and enlightened men so they can share their gifts (including time, talent, and treasure) with the people and causes they care about. 

The Problems I Solve

My top result in the StrengthsFinder assessment is "Maximizer". That means one of my natural gifts is helping people or companies get to that next level of success.

I particularly love figuring out what's keeping you and your business from achieving your goals and creating strategies, tools, and tactics that solve the problem. 

I'm a big picture thinker, love examining all sides of a problem, and am committed to excellence.

You can learn more about what those high in the theme of Maximizer are like at this page (this opens a new window and takes you to a different site). 

Woman talking to man

The People and Companies I Work Best With

Choosing to work with a  digital marketing consultant or hiring a digital marketing agency is a big decision. I'm not right for everyone for lots of reasons you'll discover on this site. Let's look at who tends to get the best results from working with me.

Driven by Excellence

My best clients are driven to deliver an outstanding experience for those they serve. (and for their team and community) 

They want to make a powerful impact for their clients and recognize that helps their clients  become brand advocates who rave about, recommend, and refer others to them.

Direct and To-the-point

If you're the sort of person who gets your feelings hurt when someone gives you feedback, I can promise you we're not a good fit.

I'm a Jersey Girl. That means I'm going to give it to you straight without wasting time. I don't need a lot of chit-chat. And sometimes a profanity or two (or three) may pop out in a conversation. 

If that offends you then we're not a good fit.

Play to Win Rather Than Not to Lose

Marketing is about acting, assessing, and adjusting. 

You may not see a fast return. And sometimes there's a dip before the upswing. People who play not-to-lose often become afraid to take chances. They become unwilling to make sacrifices. I have to tell you - I work with leaders, not lemmings.

Ready to Stand Out

As I said, I work with leaders, not lemmings. 

Entrepreneurs I work with are ready to stand out from others in the industry and in their region. They're ready to uncover, embrace, and communicate their point of view directly to their specific audience. They realize that repelling the wrong clients is as important as attracting the right ones.

Work Too Hard to Get Clients

You may do a lot of networking or create a lot of new content. And you've produced great results. But you know you could use digital marketing tools -- and your time -- more effectively.

I love helping outstanding businesses become clear leaders, get great clients, close more deals, and close them easier. You don't necessarily need more clients. You just need to make it easier for prospects to decide faster. 

See Marketing as an Investment

Digital Marketing is an extension of you, your team, and whatever you already do to get clients. 

Your website is your online office or storefront. Content is like a sales team that works 24/7 for you. It gives people information when they want it and it pre-sells them on working with you and your team.

My clients recognize that if digital marketing isn't working to attract pre-sold clients then something's wrong with it.

Want to Leverage Digital Tools

My clients know their website could be better -- look more modern, be easier to navigate, and give visitors the information wanted and needed to make a decision.

They want help figuring out what's needed, not needed, and how to achieve their goals without constantly posting to social media or wasting money on ads.

Have Their Priorities in Order

I was in a car accident that truly knocked me out of the workforce. I was a director of HR and I left corporate life to manage my recovery. That type of experience puts your priorities in order real fast. 

So those I work best with put family first. They take time off (and want to take more off). They respect boundaries. They have a great sense of humor, take their work seriously but not themselves. They believe in equality, inclusion, are OK with profanity, and are fine with occasionally seeing my cats on a Zoom call.

Other Qualities My Best Clients Share

Established Service Businesses

99% of my working life has been working for and with service-based businesses. They may sell products (like the chiropractor who sold Bio-Freeze, pillows, and other tools of the trade), but that's not their primary focus.

Primarily Off-Line Businesses

My clients have ranged from independent consultants to physicians, to martial arts studios and more. What they have in common is that the majority of their work -- and their client base -- comes from offline activities.

Life Partners and Business Partners

I've worked with solopreneurs but the majority of past clients have been partnerships, and the majority of those have been married couples. I'm not sure why that is to be honest but I can say i really do enjoy working with them.

Ethical Marketers

Using smarmy, manipulative tactics is completely against their nature. They do sometimes struggle with putting themselves "out there"; but, hey -- everybody needs a little Jersey Girl to push them out of their comfort zone.

Does That Sound Like You?

If you're ready to discuss the possibility of working together, click the button to schedule a Next Best Move call. 

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