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Show Notes

Long gone are the days when we stayed with one career for our whole lives.

And today the concept of retirement has been turned on its head as we leave jobs and professions we’ve spent decades at and embrace reinventing ourselves.

Today’s guest is a great example of the power of reinvention and that it’s never too late to embrace a passion and turn it into a successful second or even third act.

Susan Ordona’s first career was as a clinical laboratory scientist. She worked in that profession for over 30 years. She reinvented herself and is following her passion in business and entrepreneurship.

Susan is now a speaker, social media marketer, international best selling author, and a certified publishing consultant.

She supports and mentors clients to write, promote, publish, and launch their books to #1 best seller status using a proven step-by-step system so they can make more sales, grow their businesses, and be recognized as authorities and leave their legacy to the world.

Susan is originally from the Philippines where she was recruited to work in the Nuclear Medicine department of a German hospital. That’s where she met and married a young US Army lieutenant.

She lives in Texas with her husband, son, and dog Mia.

Listen in as Susan shares:

  • Her amazing journey from Clinical Laboratory Scientist to Social Media Consultant to Book Publishing Coach
  • The biggest challenge she faced in transitioning from corporate employee to independent professional
  • The mistake often made when trying to follow a blueprint created by someone else
  • Why she feels everyone has at least one book inside them
  • Why it can pay to work with a book or publishing consultant or coach
  • The one thing she’d recommend to anyone looking to change careers
  • And the passion project she’s working on now that could become her professional third act

As always listen all the way to the end where I’ll share your cocktail exercise and action step for this episode.


If you’d like some help in reflecting and planning your action steps you can visit my site at WinnieAnderson.com/nextact. You’ll find a blog post there with a link to a resource that will help you think things through.

And if you’re still working check that post out too because it will give you a good stating place for planning your escape and transition from corporate life to independent professional so you can thrive faster.

Susan wanted to make sure you know that she credits her training from Mike Koenigs with helping her make her transition to social media expert and on to book publishing expert. I’ve taken Mike’s training too and like Susan am certified in Mike’s proven publishing system. You can learn more about his training here.

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