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Welcome to the Courageous Entrepreneur Show. This is the show that shares information and inspiration to help you break free from self-doubt, fear, and disempowering patterns and break through to create the thriving, successful business you dream of and deserve.

The show features interviews with entrepreneurs who’ve overcome amazing challenges to create success on their terms and experts who share insight and practical information that can help you get past your blocks and move forward with courage, confidence, and clarity.

The show is available in both video and audio format on a variety of platforms including iTunes on You Tube, and here on my website.


There’s a saying that self-employment is the most powerful and most expensive self-improvement program you’ll ever go through. The reason is you come face to face with your own crap.

Suddenly problems and issues you never knew you had bubble to the surface and actively work to hold you back.

People who were former executives making multi-six figures with more degrees and certifications than a thermometer and with accomplishments that make others go WOW suddenly believe theyre stupid and not good enough.

I once talked to an eye doctor who told me she was stupid – because she didn’t know what to say on her website.

How could she know how to write copy for a website? It’s not like she’s a marketing expert.

I’ll bet you tell yourself stories similar to that.

Maybe it’s “I can’t charge that amount” or “no one will work with me” or “I’m just not good enough”.

We’ve all got things we say to ourselves that we truly believe and that end up keeping us trapped right where we are.

I’ve got lots of stories I tell myself too.

Well what if you could suddenly become the courageous action-taker you dream of? What if the past hurts and indignities you’ve experienced no longer had a hold over you?

Today’s episode is going to challenge you to really listen to and confront your thoughts.

Grace Bell of Work With Grace spent decades believing there was something wrong with her…that there was something missing that she needed to find and get….

And while eventually she became a trained mental health counselor with a husband and two small children, an unexpected divorce left her with the realization she suddenly needed a full time income to keep her house and care for her kids.

You’ll hear her story and how she managed to build a profitable, thriving practice and now helps others move past their fears, doubts, and disempowering beliefs using something called The Work.

This episode will:

  • challenge you to confront your own beliefs and how those beliefs may be holding you back
  • reveal the 4 questions to ask to confront those beliefs
  • demonstrate a mini session of The Work

Hopefully you’ll be inspired to let go of the disempowering thoughts that can control you and leave you trapped in emotions that don’t serve you and help you break free to create the abundant life you want and deserve.

As always stay with us til the end and I’ll share your reflection exercise and action step for this episode.

If you’re an introverted, mission-driven solo professional, ready to get your message out in  powerful way but feel isolated and alone, then check out the Courageous Success group on Faceboook. This is a growing community where I share information, tips, and resources as we network and build relationships to support each other as we come out of hiding and develop success habits that keep us on track to achieve our goals.


Links and Resources Referred to In This Episode

Byron Katie, founder of The Work

Katie’s website

Byron Katie’s Author Page on Amazon with all her books

Katie on You Tube — Watch The Work in action

Background on The Work and resource materials to do it



Guest Contact Information and Resources

Grace Bell’s website — sign up for Grace Notes

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Additional Research

This is How Your Thoughts Become Your Reality

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