August 4

Common Mistakes Made Starting a Business Going from Employee to Entrepreneur


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Welcome to the Courageous Entrepreneur Show. This is the show that shares information and inspiration to help you break free from self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and disempowering patterns and break through to create the thriving, successful business you dream of and deserve.

The show features interviews with entrepreneurs who’ve overcome amazing challenges to create success on their terms and experts who share insight and practical information to help you move forward with courage, confidence, and clarity so you – the introverted, mission-driven entrepreneur — consistently reach your biggest goals.

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If you feel as though you’ve worked hard to get your coaching, consulting, training, or healing business off the ground but have found yourself nowhere near the success level you dreamed of or if you’re starting to feel the entrepreneurial itch and you dream of going out on your own and making a big impact and big income but you’re wondering if you’ve got what it takes to create the success you dream of and deserve, then you’ll be glad you tuned into this episode.

Deb Boulanger is a success mentor for women leaders who want the courage and confidence to make bold moves in their life and career.

She is also founder of the Launch Lab for Women Entrepreneurs – a 12 week virtual accelerator for women making the leap from corporate leader to successful entrepreneur.

Deb spent the majority of her corporate career with Gartner, Inc. where she was responsible for developing the concepts for several of the company’s key products.

In her last position she launched and grew a new service offering to $32M in just over 2 years.

She’s passionate about translating the exact principles that work in the corporate world to entrepreneurs who are launching their businesses.

Deb is based in Sag Harbor, NY where she shares her love of the ocean with her life partner and her son who is a junior at the University of Michigan – “Go Blue!”

Remember my guests and I aren’t giving you specific business advice. The information we’re sharing is for educational and entertainment purposes only. If you need help be sure to seek out a trained professional whether it’s a financial advisor, business advisor, tax professional, or healthcare provider.

Listen in as Deb and I discuss:

  • What drives us to start our businesses and how we end up with the opposite of what we want
  • The amount of money she thinks you should reasonably expect to invest in launching and growing your business
  • The common mistakes corporate escapees make with the money they invest in their startups and where they should invest instead
  • Why your reputation isn’t enough to launch your business and the two things you need to focus on
  • The two biggest mistakes she sees people make – I’ll bet you’ve made or are making at least one of them.
  • What you need to stop hiding behind and stop spending money on
  • The 10K investment she made in her own training as an entrepreneur that’s still paying dividends
  • Why you often need a coach and a community to make the advances you dream of.

As always, listen all the way to the end where I’ll share your cocktail exercise and action step for this episode.

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