The Courageous Entrepreneur Show is on holiday break. The new season starts on Monday, January 1st 2018. So now’s the time to catch up on episodes you may have missed.

Here are the top 10 episodes of season 1. Enjoy and please leave a comment below, on the individual episode’s post, or on iTunes.

To listen to any of these episodes, click on the link. To download the recording to your device, click on the link then click the down arrow to the far right of the play bar. Navigate to where you want to save the media to and then click Enter or Save.

A Successful Second Act — Video marketing expert Sue Ferreira, a former doctor, shares her journey and talks about why it’s critical for everyone — especially Baby Boomers — to embrace video. Get the show notes for this episode.

Recognizing and Changing Disempowering Patterns — Sylvia LaFair is one of the top leadership minds in the world. Listen in as she explains what patterns are, how we form them, and how to break them. This was episode 1! Get the show notes for this episode.

Faith’s Role in Overcoming Trauma — Melvin Pillay, Ziglar organization executive, top speaker, consultant and coach to executives, entrepreneurs, and government leaders discusses the importance of faith in breaking free from emotional wounds and trauma. Get the show notes for this episode.

From Abuse to Abundance — One of the world’s leading speakers, Mark Baker shares his amazing story of healing from physical and emotional abuse to go on to become a top salesman, and from there a top speaker and coach.  Get the show notes for this episode.

Business Building Tips for Soloists and Micro Firms — 4x New York Times bestselling author Mike Michalowicz explains what solo professionals and small firms need to do to grow a profitable business that doesn’t kill them.  Get the show notes for this episode.

The Power of Story Over Your Life — Storytelling expert. personal branding strategist, and expert coach Jeff Rock explains how our story can control us and how we can break free to create a new story and gain new power. Get the show notes for this episode.

Dealing with the Death of Your Business Partner — Imagine the joy of building a successful business with your best friend. Now imagine the crushing pain and confusion when that person you count on suddenly dies. Everett O’Keefe shares his journey and lessons learned. Get the show notes for this episode.

Learning to Love Yourself — Laura Fenmore discusses how self-loathing can cripple us and shares the steps she took to love herself and release hundreds of pounds in the process. Get the show notes for this episode.

From Paralyzed Victim to Profitable Professional –– Maryam Webster was building a coaching practice when a car accident paralyzed her. She shares her amazing story of recovery and how she built her business while regaining her mobility. Get the show notes for this episode.

Managing a Business, a Family, and Depression — Shanna Landoldt explains how she manages to keep growing her thriving business, keep  caring for her young girls, while navigating a life with depression. Straight talk about something few people admit to. Get the show notes for this episode.


Which episode is your favorite and why?

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