February 3

Do You Have the Courage to Lead Fearlessly?


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The show features interviews with entrepreneurs who’ve overcome amazing challenges to create success on their terms and experts who share insight and practical information to help you move forward with courage, confidence, and clarity.

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If you’re on your second or third career act and are growing your own business, one of the big things you may be wrestling with is fearlessly communicating your Point of View and trusting that by doing so you’ll attract the right clients, the right opportunities, and the right referral partners.

We’ve spent decades of our lives trying to fit in – in classrooms as children and young people; in offices, companies, and organizations where we worked and where our economic lives were technically in the hands of our employers; and in our family of origin and social circles.

Then here we are out on our own and what’s needed is often the opposite – we need to stand out as unique.

While in corporate life we may have lead departments, divisions, and whole businesses, we took action with a certain amount of comfort in knowing that we could successfully address whatever came up and we understood the parameters within which we could lead.

Even if others inside the organization considered us fearless for those times when we stood up for a conviction. It’s not quite the same as standing up for what we believe, putting our point of view out there and putting ourselves on the line the way that’s necessary when you’re self-employed and you’re the face of your brand.

This issue of leading, being seen as a leader, and standing out can be downright scary for some of us.

It’s a very big part of why I named this show The Courageous Entrepreneur. I wanted to recognize the challenges, be inspired by and celebrate those who are courageous, and learn from experts who can help us do that.

And that sums up why I wanted today’s guest on the show.

Nukhet Hendricks is a Women’s Leadership Coach and Consultant as well as the executive director of a nonprofit headquartered in North Dakota.

She grew the nonprofit animal shelter from a low 6-figure to a solid 7-figure budget.

Nukhet continues to grow the organization while mentoring the emerging women leaders whom she has the privilege to guide.

She holds a Master of Science degree in Public and Human Service Administration and has been a nonprofit executive for over 28 years in various leadership roles.

Nukhet is originally from Turkey and has called the USA home since 1987 when she became a naturalized citizen.

A fiercely independent spiritual rebel and ocean lover with an unquenchable gypsy soul, Nukhet is always moving towards new frontiers!

A word of caution about this episode if you’re listening to it on speakers where others can here.

There are a couple of instances of profanity in this episode.

Particularly around our fears of being called the word that’s another name for a female dog.

So be sure to either where a headset when you listen or keep the volume low so you don’t expose other ears to language you might not want them to hear or they may not want to hear.

It doesn’t come up a lot but definitely at least once early in the conversation.

Listen in as Nukhet and I discuss:

  • Her definition of leadership and why it’s important for women to answer the call to lead
  • The important role of resilience in emotional health and how we can develop that
  • How to develop and maintain strong boundaries
  • Her explanation of authenticity and how to handle the challenges of being authentic
  • The fears associated with being a female leader and conditioning we experienced in organizational life

Nukhet also shares her thoughts on the 8 strategic actions entrepreneurs regularly have to take to grow a business and create the life they dream of.

As always, listen all the way to the end where I’ll share your cocktail exercise and action step for this episode.



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