Achieve Your Most Important Goals Easier...

Simple Strategies to End Overwhelm


Lead by Winnie Anderson

"Reserve Your Seat Now, for this seminar that will challenge  the way you think about goal achievement and set you up to make your Next Big Leap..."

This is for you if...

You have a zillion things to do to grow and manage a profitable business and are likely seeing every guru telling you they've got the "must do" strategy, tactic, or tool to have your best year yet.

It's no wonder you feel overwhelmed. 

You likely feel...

  • Confused about the next best strategy or direction for your business
  • Overwhelmed by all there is to do and the options available to you
  • Frustrated you haven't seen the results you wanted or expected from what you did this year 

You might even be wondering if it's possible for you to get your business where you want it to go.

But while those gurus wave Bright Shiny Objects and expensive programs at you, you've got all the books, courses, programs, and blueprints you haven't used yet. 

So what's the answer?

End Overwhelm and Get Ready to Make Your Next Big Leap

  • Discover the truth about where overwhelm comes from so you can manage it and ultimately eliminate it
  • Use the simple trick to build "productive momentum" without working any harder
  • Focus on the 4 cornerstones to get -- and stay out -- of overwhelm
  • Leverage the 7 "pillars" all success is built on and spot how to strengthen yours



It's happening Thursday
January 3rd at...

1pm - 2:15pm ET (New York)

12pm to 1:15pmCT (Chicago)

11am to 12:15pmMT( Denver)

10am to 11:15am PT  (Los Angeles)

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How This is Being Delivered:

This is being taught live inside a Facebook group -- easy, peasy!

We'll use the awesome app, combined with the power of Facebook Live and the intimacy of a Facebook group. The group's sole reason for existence is the delivery of this seminar. 

If you want to attend, you just click this link or the big button below and ask to join the group. Once you're approved, you're in! 

Reminders and updates all happen inside this group and you get the notifications inside your Facebook notification alerts.

Can't make it live or want to watch again? Not a problem. The recording is instantly available and will stay up inside the group until 5pm ET Sunday, January 6th.

Join us for this interactive, fast-paced seminar

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*Important Note:  Learning is an interactive experience. Be sure to block out time in your calendar for a few minutes before we start to make sure you're ready. We'll start right on time out of respect for everyone's schedule. Also block out a few minutes after the seminar is over to collect your thoughts and make note of how you can apply the concepts shared.

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