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Escaping the Rabbit Hole and Using Depression to Help Others


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Welcome to the Courageous Entrepreneur Show. This is the show that shares information and inspiration to help you break free from self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and disempowering patterns and break through to create the thriving, successful business you dream of and deserve.

The show features interviews with entrepreneurs who’ve overcome amazing challenges to create success on their terms and experts who share insight and practical information to help you move forward with courage, confidence, and clarity so you consistently reach your biggest goals.

Some of the links below may be affiliate links. That means if you click through and make a purchase I may make a small commission as a thank you. It doesn’t impact the price you pay. It’s my way of generating gas money for my long trips back home to South Jersey. 

Show Notes

If you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, solo professional who is also a former employee, the chances are very good that you’ve experienced some form of trauma at your past job.

Whether you’ve worked for abusive bosses or you’ve worked with difficult or even bullying peers, the chances are very good that you’ve experienced some type of emotional trauma at work and there’s also a good chance that trauma scarred you in some way.

Best selling author and speaker Tracey MaxfieldIn this episode,Tracey Maxfield recounts her experience with severe workplace bullying and how she’s using her experience to help children around the world.

Tracey is a nurse with over 37 years’ experience. She is certified in gerontology and dementia care and is a regular guest on well-known author and radio host Peter Rosenberger’s show Hope For the Caregiver on WLAC and iHeart Radio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Tracey experienced her first episode of clinical depression in her twenties and lived with chronic depression ever since. However, nothing prepared her for the acute depressive episode she experienced in 2015.

After enduring years of intense work place stress, harassment and bullying, she plummeted into an abyss of darkness, hopelessness and despair the likes of which she had never experienced before.

Encouraged by a psychologist, Tracey started a blog, Escaping the Rabbit Hole – my life with depression, to better help her friends understand her depression. Over time, she began to heal and found that out of the darkness and despair, there is hope, there is life after depression.

Since the release of the book (affiliate link) that grew out of her blog, Tracey has become a staunch advocate for mental illness and mental health awareness and bullying.

She has met with children, teenagers and young adults to talk about bullying and mental illness and was one of the breakout presenters at the TEACH 2019 Conference in Jacksonville, Florida.

Her website was recently awarded the silver medal for Best Author Website 2019 at the eLit Awards and her book is a top 10 finalist in the Non-Fiction category at the Author Academy Awards. Tracey has appeared in over 60 podcasts in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and UK, live radio shows and on ABC, NBC and FOX News.

Her philosophy is to Engage children and teenagers, to Educate them about mental illness and bullying and to Empower them to develop confidence and skills to continue to move ahead in their own life journey.

Born in Wales, U.K. Tracey moved to Canada in 1987. Escaping the Rabbit Hole my journey through depression is her first book and has received international rave reviews.

Remember, my guests and I aren’t giving you specific business, health, or life advice. The information we’re sharing is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

If you need help, be sure to seek out a trained professional whether it’s a financial advisor, tax professional, business building support, or a physical or mental healthcare provider.

If you feel triggered by anything in this episode please get help right away. And if you’re concerned you may harm yourself call 911 or the emergency number in the country where you live.

Listen in as Tracey shares:

  • What the rabbit hole is and how she got there
  • The reaction of her friends, family, and healthcare providers as she struggled to recover
  • What finally helped her to begin to climb out of the hole
  • And how she’s making her mess her mission and how she’s focusing on helping teens and children.

As always, listen all the way to the end where I’ll share your cocktail exercise and action step for this episode.

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Tracey’s book on Amazon

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