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Show Notes

When I was in junior high and high school I dreamed of moving to Colorado. I was a huge John Denver fan and listening to that music and learning about him I was drawn to Colorado for its beauty. I also loved the idea of escaping from my mother who abused me emotionally and psychologically.

I use to imagine how fabulous it would be to start over in a place where – to play on that line from the TV show Cheers’ theme song — nobody knows your name.

So when I met today’s guest who didn’t just escape the way I dreamed of but she went to another country, I knew I had to learn more about her and have her on the show.

Dorit Sasson is an award-winning author, book coach, and motivational speaker whose mission is to inspire and guide entrepreneurs, speakers, leaders, and aspiring authors who have a message and a purpose to share, to find their courage, tell their brand story in writing, and make a positive impact on the world. She is currently working on her second memoir, Sand and Steel: the Spiritual Journey Home.

Listen in as Dorit shares…

  • What led her to leave the United States
  • What drove her to join the military force of another country
  • The biggest test of her courage while she was in the service
  • The reverse culture shock she experienced when she returned to the United States
  • The similarities between being a resident in a foreign country trying to fit in and being a creative entrepreneur
  • How she learned to handle rejection as a writer
  • Tips for deciding if writing a memoir is right for you and some ideas on how to get started with elements of your story

Listen all the way to the end when I’ll share your reflection exercise and action step for this episode


Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Dorit’s book, Accidental Soldier: A Memoir of Service and Sacrifice in the Israel Defense Forces

Dorit’s upcoming book: Sand and Steel: The spiritual journey home 

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Guest Contact Information

Dorit’s podcast on Blog Talk Radio 
Dorit on Twitter @VoicetoStory



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