August 17

From Welfare to Wildly Successful | Winnie Interviews Alison Donaghey


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Show Notes

One of the many reasons we start our businesses is to get the freedom we want to build a life and a lifestyle that brings us joy. Yet, building that foundation can be a challenge and we often come face to face with our own emotional crap.

In this episode, Alison Donaghey talks about her journey and the type of thinking that can hold female entrepreneurs back.

A single mom at 20, Alison eventually went from collecting welfare to running a thriving house painting business.

It took the 2008 recession for Alison to recognize that she had some holes to fill in her business and business-building knowledge.

The recession led her to recognize how critical thinking is key to every situation and she realized she had something other than painting to offer people and business owners.

She recognized her ability to look at a situation differently and anticipate potential outcomes was the seed that became Domino Thinking.

Allison is the author of the international best-selling book, Think opposite – using the domino effect to change your business and change the world”.

Today, Alison speaks to entrepreneurs, small business owners and coaches about the power of critical thinking.

She’s also the host of Domino Thinking. The show is designed to get listeners to think about a different perspective, to suspend their beliefs, and consider the opposite view point.

Remember my guests and I aren’t giving you specific business advice. The information we’re sharing is for educational and entertainment purposes only. If you need help be sure to seek out a trained professional whether it’s a financial advisor, tax professional, business building support, or healthcare provider.

Listen in as Alison shares:

  • The path she took from welfare to successful entrepreneur
  • What the crash of 2008 taught her
  • What she feels is her responsibility to do and the steps she’s taken to do it
  • The problem with comparing ourselves to others
  • What she believes is the foundation of every success
  • What’s the domino effect and why it’s powerful personally and professionally for entrepreneurs

As always, listen all the way to the end where I’ll share your cocktail exercise and action step for this episode.

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