Strategies and Tools to Build a Resilient Business

Focus on the elements needed to thrive no matter what life and the economy throw at you

Nervous about what you're seeing happening in the economy? 

Ready to take action to build a business that doesn't just survive but thrives no matter what life throws your way?

Nail Your Message™

It takes a clear message to attract great clients, rally people to take inspired action. No matter what marketing strategy you apply or the type of business you have, you need a message and content plan that Positions and Pre-Sells you to clients.

Chart a Path to Success™

92% of people set goals and never achieve them. If you're ready to join the 8% who do, you need to get clear about where you're going. Then stay on track by managing your priorities, activity, and yourself. You need a plan and support to make your Next Big Leap™

Build a Money Pyramid™

Every thriving, sustainable, scalable business is built on a solid foundation. These core elements are the same for every business, but how they're prioritized and the steps taken to build them are unique to you, your offerings, and your Ultimate Intention.

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"...real changes that lead to success!"

"What differentiates you is that you not only provide well-developed coaching content, but you also combine the psychology of understanding where our struggles are rooted. This approach, along with your own openness and vulnerability, is so powerful in creating the personal insight needed to make real changes that lead to success!"

Lynne Lesnick  //  CEO of CimCon Data Solutions

Achieve Your Goals

  • Get clear on what YOU want
  • Identify and manage your Strategic Priorities
  • Take consistent action and move forward with courage and confidence
  • Give yourself permission to be the leader you were born to be
  • Get -- and accept -- the help you need to build a thriving business without killing yourself

Build Sustainable Success

The greatest dilemma faced by Servicepreneurs is how to build a thriving, sustainable, scalable business instead of a glorified job. Yes, you're mission-driven and want to bring positive change to the world. But that requires a solid business built on 4 foundation blocks:

  • Clients
  • Finance
  • Organizational Development
  • Process

Get the Support You Need to Make Your Next Big Leap™

Whether you run a service business and you want to...

Build a scalable, sustainable business 

Stay focused and achieve your most important goals

Use content to attract more prospects and help them say "yes" faster

We'll help you nail your message and get it out so you attract great clients who are pre-sold on working with you.

Schedule a Next Best Move™ STRATEGY Session 

In this 30 to 45 minute conversation, we'll review where you are right now, where you want to go, and the status of your Money Pyramid™. We'll identify what's working, and what's not working with your marketing and sales efforts so you know where to focus to get to that next level of success. Apply for a strategy session here... 

Path to Success™ strategic planning Intensive

You've likely got experience helping other organizations and people achieve their goals, but you may not feel clear about what you want for yourself and your business. That lack of clarity is part of what's keeping you from getting to the next level of success and achieving your goals and dreams. As a micropreneur who's used to doing everything yourself and feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do, you need to stay focused on not just what needs to be done now but what needs to be done now so you end up where you want to be 3 to 5 years from now. That takes a  well-focused strategic plan that's simple and do-able. The Path to Success Consulting Intensive is $1997. If you're a Servicepreneur, click here to schedule your session.

Nail Your message™ Consulting intensive

The success of your marketing depends on several things. The biggest is your message. No matter what the strategy and tactics you apply, they're worthless without a clear, compelling message that positions and pre-sells you to those you want to serve. Your message needs to educate your potential buyer / client; elevate you as the trusted, credible authority; inspire and invite them to take action. At the conclusion of our work together you'll have a Core Message Blueprint that will act as the foundation for all your messaging and the creatives you work with in the future to help you build and communicate your brand. You'll know what your missing and what to work on to strengthen your message. The Nail Your Message intensive takes two half days to complete and your Blueprint is delivered approximately two weeks after the session. The program is $3997. If you're a Servicepreneur, click here to schedule your session. 


What Others Say

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Gail Turner Brown 

Blogger / digital nomad

The biggest thing I love about you is the straight talk and practical, "how to" information you share. So many gurus only share "what" to do but don't explain "how" to do it unless you're in one of their super pricey programs. It's obvious you genuinely want people to learn how to do something and take action.

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susan weeks

Tech tools and course creation expert

Thanks Winnie for helping me to recognise my creation process and to take more account of it whilst planning my time :-)

You Don't Need More Information. You Need More Implementation.

Get the customized help you need based on where you are right now in your business-building journey.


Take stock of where your business is on the Business Life Cycle. Examine what's working and not working so you focus on what's most important to your success.

"It's a capital mistake to theorize without data." ~ Sherlock Holmes


A clear direction helps you make decisions. It makes it easier to manage your priorities so you're not just busy; you're really moving forward.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery


You reach your big goals in "micro-movements" -- small actions taken every day. When you focus on the milestones it's easier to maintain momentum. "Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become." ~ James Clear

Got a Glorified Job, Not a Business?

At some point, your service business can feel like a glorified job where you don't have one boss you have dozens. You can't take the time off you'd're not earning or retaining the money you want to create the life you want...and it feels like everything requires all of you all the time. 

As "Mr. Wonderful", Kevin O'Leary would say on Shark Tank -- "Stop the madness!" 

Without consciously focusing on what you're building, you create something you don't want -- a glorified job, rather than a great business. 

Building a sustainable, scalable business requires a solid brand, systems that work together, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Don't "Sell". Help Clients Decide to Buy.

You hate to sell and your clients hate being sold to. The answer is to give potential clients the information they need to make a decision. Sharing your clear point of view (POV) repels the wrong clients while it attracts the right ones. You attract less people but hear "yes" more often.

You need search-engine optimized content and key sales content that...

  • Educates your potential buyer
  • Elevates you as the trusted authority 
  • Inspires them about all that's possible for them
  • Invites them to take action

Learn more about helping buyers navigate their journey...

You're Called to a Mission. We'll Help You Achieve It.

My whole life has been focused on helping people and organizations fulfill their potential and achieve their goals. As professional problem-solvers, my team and I help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Building a business and fulfilling the mission on your heart can be lonely and exhausting. It helps to not only work with key solution providers but to be part of a community of like-minded professionals who cheer you on, empathize with you, and push you to keep going.


"Winnie helped us put words to what we always knew to be true. We knew we were different from the others in our industry but couldn’t articulate it. Marketing online seemed a mystery to us until she patiently explained how it worked and taught us how to use the tools we need. Sales were up 20% two years in a row."

Bruce Kamis Promotional Products Consultant, Kamis Imprinted Products