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Show Notes

What did you dream of doing as a teenager or child?

You might have had one idea or maybe lots of ideas.

When I was in third grade I wanted to be 3 different things that looking back now actually have some similarities.

I wanted to be an archeologist. Then I discovered Nancy Drew and wanted to write – I know you thought I’d say that I wanted to be a teenage detective.

It was actually a TV show my parents watched called The FBI that made me want to be a detective with the FBI.

Are you doing the work you’ve dreamed of doing?

Or is there some part of your heart that still wishes you had pursued your dream of being a graphic artist or becoming a doctor?

Well what if you decided to go for it?

Today’s guest is a rising star in the greater Philadelphia PA entertainment media scene and in this interview she talks about her path from mortgage banker and part time jewelry designer to becoming the face of entertainment in Atlantic City.

Whitney Ullman is an on-air personality and freelance entertainment reporter whose interviews and video footage have been featured on all major social media channels, as well as on local and national TV, radio, and web platforms. She’s a featured contributor to Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia. She is president and founder of WIN Promotions and Consulting. The services they provide include video production, talent staffing including promotional models, and public relations.

Listen in as Whitney shares:

  • How she got started in entertainment
  • Why she decided acting wasn’t for her
  • Why she gave up on pursuing her dream full time
  • How she leveraged a few opportunities into getting her foot in the door in entertainment
  • How she managed to keep moving forward when things weren’t going her way
  • The money scam she discovered and how she helped break it up
  • Her tips for making things happen in your business or career
  • As always listen in all the way to the end where I’ll share your cocktail exercise and action step for this episode.

As always listen in all the way to the end where I’ll share your reflection exercise and action step for this episode.

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Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Mileage App – MileIQ: in the Google Play store

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Whitney’s main website GoToWhitney.com
WIN Promotions
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