Guest Tips

I’m excited to have you on the show!

You’ll receive your show flow a week to 10 days prior to your interview. The flow will include…

  • the focus of the interview
  • the questions I’m going to ask
  • and information about how I close the interview

Below is some important information and tips to help you have a great experience and to ensure the audience has a great listening / viewing experience.

Please be sure you review and agree to the Waiver. There’s a spot on the Guest Information form for you to indicate you’ve read it, that you understand  and agree to it.

Be sure to visit this link to provide the information needed to produce and promote your episode.


By being part of The Courageous Entrepreneur show you authorize me to use your name, image, and likeness in the creation, distribution, and marketing of the show and / or related products and materials.

You also acknowledge that I am the sole owner of the media created and the sole owner of any products produced then sold or given way as a result of your interview. This includes but is not limited to…

  • online and offline articles including blog and social media posts
  • books – print, electronic, and PDF
  • courses (your episode could be used as bonus material or could be quoted in program or course)

You further understand that I, my companies, heirs, and assigns own the rights to the produced media for use in marketing, presentations, courses, books, instructional materials, and promotional materials as well as any other distribution in any format with no financial earnings or compensation on your part.

You also understand that being interviewed does not guarantee your episode will air and that I have the right to decide when and where the episode will air as well as when, where, and how I promote the episode.

Emergency Contact Information

Stuff happens, right? From power outages to illness to a client crisis…things can come up that can cause either of us to have to reschedule our interview.

International Guests:

If you need to reach me, the best way to do that is to call me through my Google number: 609 948 4158.

You can also send me a message through Facebook or Skype (winnieanderson).

US-Based Guests:

The fastest and best way to reach me is usually by texting me at 609 703 4011.

Equipment Needed and Tech Tips

I record the show with video using Zoom. You don’t need an account to use Zoom. You’ll just click through the link I provide you.

Here’s the Equipment You Need:

Webcam. It doesn’t matter if it’s internal or external.

Desktop or laptop that has a hard-wired connection to the internet. That means the machine is directly connected to your modem / router with a cable. This provides the most stable internet connection.

A headset with a mic. a pair of earbuds with a mic, or an external microphone with a headset / earbuds. These options produce the best quality sound. If you don’t have the necessary equipment we’ll reschedule your interview until you have it.

Tips to Make Sure You Look and Sound Your Best

Position your camera so you’re either looking straight ahead or looking slightly up. It puts your face at a flattering angle.

Have a light source in front of you, not behind. Close any curtains that are behind you and turn off any lights behind you.

Be aware of what’s behind you that can be included in the camera frame. You don’t want anything that will distract the audience and detract from our interview. Don’t sweat this too much. Most of the time I have one of my cats in the chair behind me.

Be sensitive about the sounds in your area. Using a headset helps block out or minimize background noise, but please keep pets occupied and quiet. Consider putting a note on your door asking people not to knock or ring the doorbell.

The Day of the Interview:

Approximately 15 minutes prior to our session, please sign out of all platforms other than Facebook. Once we’re sure we’ve connected and all appears to be fine then we’ll both sign out of Facebook as well. This will minimize stress on our machines and bandwidth. Remember, Facebook can be a good way to reach me in an emergency.

If you’re not able to get Zoom to work, please text or call me at 609 703 4011.

After the Interview:

I’ll edit the interview, add the introduction and outro, and will create a blog post. I’ll let you know when everything is ready and when it’s up on Facebook so you can share it. I’ll also give you links to everything and some suggested tweets / posts as well as artwork you can use to promote it if you’d like to.

I like to keep in touch with my guests and refer them when possible. Please keep in touch with me.

I’m going to be organizing regular virtual networking parties for my past guests and hope you’ll decide to to attend at least one. I’ll be sending you information about those events.


Thanks again for for being on the show!

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