Super Bowl commercials have become so big that lots of people watch the game just to see them.

Me? I just watch them all on You Tube either before or after the game.

Like lots of people, I was taken aback by the Nationwide Insurance Company’s commercial. I thought it was a very bold thing to address through a commercial and incredibly bold to do it during such an upbeat sort of event.

I do think they missed an opportunity to make more clear what their message was and I’ll share that in another post.

They certainly have a clear point of view and as I said were brave in sharing it.

One of the big challenges in attracting and gaining new clients is helping them to understand our unique difference so they can choose a solution provider who they truly resonate with.

Having a clear point of view and bravely sharing it so you attract the right people and gently repel the wrong ones is a critical foundation of an effective marketing and sales strategy.

The Nationwide commercial inspired me to create this video.

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