November 24

Healthy Gut, Healthy You


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Welcome to the Courageous Entrepreneur Show. This is the show that shares information and inspiration to help you break free from self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and disempowering patterns and break through to create the thriving, successful business you dream of and deserve.

The show features interviews with entrepreneurs who’ve overcome amazing challenges to create success on their terms and experts who share insight and practical information to help you move forward with courage, confidence, and clarity so you consistently reach your biggest goals.

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Show Notes

One of the downsides to being self-employed is there are no sick days. Our health is incredibly important to us. As more than one health expert has said “Your health is your wealth.”

But we can get so caught up in work that our health can definitely suffer.

It’s why I think it’s important to address this topic as it relates to our physical, mental, and emotional health.

And just as we used to say back in the early days of computers – garbage in, garbage out.

We’re learning more and more about the impact of what we eat on gut health and the impact of gut health on our overall wellness.

In this episode, the Ingredient Guru, Mira Deesy, helps us get educated about the complex subject that is the food we eat.

Mira is a nutrition professional, author, and a popular public speaker. She knows it’s not just what you eat but what’s IN what you eat that’s important.

She’s author of The Pantry Principle: How to read the label and understand what’s really in your food.

Mira is a board certified holistic health practitioner whose mission is to educate and empower consumers. She curates the premier organic Lean and Green Subscription box. The monthly box is full of earth-friendly, healthy, sustainable products that are good for you, the planet, and your home.

Mira is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is a founding member of the Holistic Business and Wellness Alliance.

Remember my guests and I aren’t giving you specific business advice. The information we’re sharing is for educational and entertainment purposes only. If you need help be sure to seek out a trained professional whether it’s a financial advisor, tax professional, business building expert, or mental or physical healthcare provider.

Listen in as Mira shares:

  • Her success journey
  • How to take control of your health through the food you eat
  • Tips to get started or fine tune your healthy eating program
  • Decision and behavior drivers that influence our food choices and eating habits
  • The improvement people feel when they make changes to their eating
  • How the food industry tries to trick us into eating food that’s not as healthy for us as we’d like to think
  • The importance of eating mindfully

And we both share some tips to make healthy choices easy when we’re working from home.

As always, listen all the way to the end where I’ll share your cocktail exercise and action step for this episode.

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Get Mira’s Book: 

Get Mira’s book, The Pantry Principle  

Free offers

Mira generously offered a couple of free gifts.

Get an article about food journaling and a link to download a free food journal

We discussed “mindful” eating. Get free access to Mira’s mindful eating program. 


Bonus Content

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Mira talked about hydration and later, sent me the following extra information for you:

We talked about the hydration factor. Here’s how to figure out how much hydration you need.

First, write down your body weight.

Divide that in half for the number of ounces needed to be properly hydrated.

Divide that number by 8 to get the number of cups of fluid.

Take that number, divide it by four and then set a “hydration alarm” approximately every two hours.

When the alarm goes off set your liquid in front of you with the goal to drink it before the alarm goes off again.

Remember that this does not mean plain water. Too much water is not healthy either.

Soups, herbal teas, food with lots of liquid (like watermelon), plus water all count towards a daily hydration goal.

Also consider coconut water which is a perfectly balanced electrolyte beverage. Look for a brand with no additives.

You can learn more about hydrating foods on the blog.

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