October 7

How to Open Yourself Up to Abundance and Receive What You Ask For


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I’m sure you believe you’re optimistic and have an abundance-focused mindset.

You may say affirmations, think positive thoughts, and take responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, and outcomes.

The standard formula for abundance is Ask, Believe, Receive.

You may “Ask”, and you certainly say you Believe. So why aren’t you receiving?

Have you ever deflected a compliment? You know someone says that shirt looks nice on you and you say “oh this old thing?”

Have you ever gotten a compliment about your work and said “Oh it was nothing. Anyone could have done it.”

Then you want to listen closely and maybe even take some notes because you may very well be putting up blocks to receiving what you want.

You may be what Nat Couropmitree calls a Conditional Receiver.

I know I’m one.

Nat guides visionary leaders to live their lives in a match with the energetic frequency of their truest selves. Tapping into this powerful source of love, respect, and value frees them from the exhausting cycle of working harder to gain something that can never be achieved through more effort, more work, more sacrifice, and instead creates space for them to experience the ease, joy, and adventure in the present moment.

Nat is also the host of the Bold Magnificence podcast where his guests share stories about having the courage to live in alignment with what lights them up.

And what lights Nat up is experimenting with exotic cuisine, finding adventure in far-flung places, and dancing the Argentine tango with his beloved wife Olga.

Listen in as Nat explains:

  • How we cut off the abundance we dream of and deserve
  • The different types of conditional receivers so you can recognize which one you are
  • Strategies to begin to break free from the conditioning you’ve experienced in your life without blaming or shaming yourself or others
  • The ultimate need and goal we all share as humans
  • The one thing we’re all told to do as service-providers that actually sets us up for struggle and even resentment
  • How conditional receiving impacts the strategic actions we must take in growing our businesses
  • And the single practice where everything begins

As always listen all the way to the end where I’ll share your action step and cocktail exercise for this episode.


Guest Contact Information

Nat’s website — be sure to get his resources around Conditional Receiving

Nat on social media




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