​​​​Is This You?

I work with coaches, consultants, healers, and other service-based professionals who are ready to come out of hiding and be seen as the trusted authority they are.

They are Passionate Introverts who embrace a “no matter what” mindset to achieve their ultimate intention to “do well while doing good.”

They are ready and willing to come out of their comfort zone to get their message out in a big way and use what I call a Pre-selling strategy that…

  • educates their audience
  • elevates themselves in the eyes of their potential clients
  • inspires others to see the possibilities available to them
  • invites them to take the next step to learn more

All of that helps them to stand out even though they hate standing out and to sell their services in a way that feels natural and easy to them and definitely not salesy.

Most of the the clients I work with — whether as students in a course or as coaching or consulting clients — are in the second or third act of their professional lives.

Many, if not most, are corporate escapees who either left their jobs voluntarily or were caught up in a layoff. Some were once independent professionals in different careers who decided to change their focus.

They have expertise in a variety of skill areas but here’s what they have in common...maybe you can relate to some of this…

Common Situations My Clients Find Themselves in

  • They are experts at what they do (even though being referred to as an expert makes them VERY uncomfortable). They love doing “it” and want to do “it” all the time. Since they tell themselves they hate traditional marketing and selling, they resist it and resist marketing activities. They don’t want to be seen as salesy. They feel like they’re bragging and talking about themselves. And they’re very uncomfortable putting themselves “out there”.
  • ​Frustrated they’re not making consistent progress. They feel as though they’re trying all sorts of things to get the word out but they’re not getting the results they want. They know they tend to over-think and often have perfectionistic tendencies.  
  • ​Stuck at a plateau. They’ve been successful but haven’t been able to break past the level they’ve been at and are ready to break through.​ Their Inner Critic can keep them trapped, continuously whispering doubts in their ear leaving them with Imposter Syndrome, fear of making mistakes, fear of success and fear of failure.
  • Inconsistent efforts. They know what to do to build and grow their business…to attract more clients…but they don’t do those things consistently. They end up jumping from tactic to tactic, throwing money and time at the problem but they’re not seeing the results they want.
  • ​Sometimes take two steps forward and two steps back. They take action but will then be nervous about what they just did and may freeze or try something else. They wrestle with fear of success…fear of failure…fear of making a mistake…fear of attracting haters….you name it and I’ve worked with someone afraid of it.

The Beliefs and Characteristics We Share…

Like me, my clients started their businesses for several reasons. They…

    • ​have a set of talents and skills they love using and want to spend as much time as possible using those gifts
    • want to make a difference in the lives of their own clients and the world in general
    • feel called to a mission and can see in their mind’s eye the long term impact their work makes on clients and the world 
    • figured out a solution to a common problem and want to help others

They also…

  • have high standards of excellence — They want to be and give clients the best service possible. They’re often recovering perfectionists and need support to not fall into that trap
  • take their work seriously but not themselves (meaning they have a great sense of humor)
  • are comfortable talking about or hearing the occasional mention of God, Jesus, Spirit,  and the Universe (I’m faith-centered and when I feel something faith-centric speaks to me I share that)
  • are optimistic and generally positive
  • are fun to work with and strive to maintain a healthy balance between work and play
  • understand the value of relationships
  • invest in their own personal and professional development  and believe they deserve that investment

And of course they’re introverted or identify with introverted tendencies and characteristics. And while they honor that element of themselves, won’t use it as an excuse for not taking action

What They Want…

person helping friend over a wallThose I work with tend to share common values that are evident in the dreams they have to…

  • make a big impact on the world through service to others
  • build a thriving, sustainable business 
  • find balance in their life
  • create a marketing and sales process that positions and pre-sells them so they attract clients who are ready to take action
  • create financial abundance so they can provide well for their family, support causes they care about, and continue to invest in themselves and their business
  • produce books, courses, and other educationally-focused products and tools that educate their audience and that act as marketing tools for them — attracting clients and opportunities so they don’t have to chase them

Does That Sound Like You?

If you resonated with some or all of that and you’re still here 🙂 then you may want to…

learn more about me and what it’s like to work with me

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Unsure if We’d be a Fit? 

Not sure if you’re an introvert? It’s possible that you may be an ambivert — someone who shares characteristics of both introversion and extroversion. 

I do sometimes work with ambiverts as long as they lean towards introversion. If you’re not sure if your personality type is introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, head over to Susan Cain’s website and take her short assessment. She’s the author of the best selling book, Quiet. Be sure to make note of your results so you can share them with me.

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