Coaches, Consultants, and Expert Problem Solvers...

You Have a Big Mission, But Feel Confused, Frustrated, and Overwhelmed Trying to Achieve It.

Are you a Passionate Introvert ready to come out of hiding, make the impact you dream of and create the success you deserve?

You Started Your Business with a Big Dream

have a gift -- a set of skills and talents you love to use                                                                                  have a mission -- you know in your heart you're called to serve others
have a dream -- you want to lead a change in the world

So why aren't you where you want to be?

You look at others who are achieving what you want to achieve and wonder "Why is it so hard for me?"

There's just SO much to much to many opinions about what you should be doing and how you should be doing it...

You keep telling yourself that your past work and successes aren't important. 

And to be honest, you sometimes get in your own way...

We second guess ourselves...feel we need to have everything figured out. NOW.

And since we're being honest, we have to admit that we often know what do do...we just don't do it...don't do it consistently...or take two steps forward and at least two steps back.

It's Time to Accept What's Truly Needed to Create the Business You Dream of --  Taking Consistent Action on the Right Stuff

The answer isn't outside of you. It's not in a book or a program. It's i​n you. 

It's not about information. It's about implementation.  

​Learning and Behavior Change Take Support

As a teacher and former HR professional, I know that real learning doesn't take place in a classroom or from reading a book. That's just exposure to concepts. 

Whether you're trying to learn a subject or a skill, true learning takes place when you attempt to apply the concepts, make mistakes, adjust, and try again. 

From playing a sport to learning math to learning all the things that you've learned to become the expert you are. You had to apply concepts and make adjustments. 

We learned from teachers, coaches, fellow students and team mates. We got feedback, adjusted, and kept moving forward. 

Starting, growing, and running a business is no different. 

Growing a Business Involves Learning and Applying New Skills

The Solution to Staying on Track:

The Courageous Entrepreneur Club

The Club is made of small groups of introverted solo professionals like you, all working to take their business to the next level of success and achieve their most important goal.

This isn't a workshop. It's not a self-study course. It's a unique combination of coaching, consulting, accountability, and training rolled into one. 

It's designed specifically for the solo professional who needs and wants support as they work to develop and maintain success habits and reach their goals.

Here's what's included in your membership...

Courageous Action planning workshop ($297 value)

Each enrollment period kicks off with a planning workshop that's two half-day sessions. Day one is the macro or big picture session and Day two is the micro session where we focus on the next 12 weeks and really zero in on the 4 week session that's launching. These sessions help with clarity so you can resist Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and focus on the most important areas and actions.

Daily Accountability & Virtual Coaching

When you're crazy-busy, have self-doubt, or have a tendency to resist taking action then once-a-week or monthly check-ins are just not enough to keep you focused and moving forward. It takes -- consistent micro-movements -- to move towards completing your goal. You can move forward in just minutes a day.

Monthly Problem-Solving / Q&A Sessions

Live laser coaching  sessions give you the chance to get specific questions answered, get feedback, or help you solve a problem. They also help you build relationships with other group members.


Work Sprints 

These fun sessions help you give focused time to your tasks and goals and yet feel supported because we're all on a web call together as we work. It's the fun of working with others but now it's with people you actually like.


Foundation Building Sprints

These are hybrids of work sprints and Q&A sessions. There's a little bit of training, a little laser coaching, and a little work sprinting. In the sprint, we focus on a specific aspect of either business building or authority building (otherwise known as "coming out of hiding" for us introverts).


(Potential) Referrals 

Of course I'm not making you any promises, but I know I do my best to refer my clients and Club members to those who ask me for referrals and Club members refer each other too.

Secret Facebook Group

While I want you to be strategic about your Facebook use, I recognize it's where you go for information and connection. I share information I come across, exclusive videos I create, and encourage networking in the group. It's also a safe place to test things out ranging from sharing web copy for feedback to posting videos and even going live on our occasional Movie Monday events.

Networking Parties! 

Just because we're introverts and ambiverts doesn't mean we're anti-social. We get together at least once a month for fun virtual networking parties to learn more about each other and to network with like-minded others. 

Repeat the Courageous Action planning workshop ($297 value) as often as you're in the Club

Each 4-week session in the Club wraps up with the opportunity to attend the next running of the Courageous Action workshop. This allows you the focused time to tweak your goals and direction. Some Club members attend nearly every session to help them stay on track. Think of how many adjustments an airplane makes as it flies to its destination. You need adjustments too.


I'm known for giving Club members free training, bonus work sprint sessions, and even mailing them brownies :-)

"Putting me and my project first brings results..."

I'm noticing that NOW, because I am putting my primary focus on my BIG GOAL, monitoring progress using Winnie's system, celebrating all movements forward no matter how big or small, I'm in a better mood when working on our primary business. I'm more motivated and happy. This helps me think clearly and motivate the rest of the family in the business. It's a VERY good thing."

Jodi Harrison-Lee  //  Martial Arts Master, Best Selling Author, Speaker

"Consistently reaching out has brought me work..."

Consistently reaching out to just a few people each day brought me referrals and projects. Finally launching my own successful podcast as brought me attention and positioned me as an authority. I'm also now teaching courses and have a recurring role with

Susan Weeks  //  Podcast Producer -, Trainer and Mentor 

Winnie Anderson
Author | Podcaster | Coach

I'll Bet We're a lot alike...

When I got laid off in 2008 I knew I couldn't go back to work for someone else. But I could barely convince enough people to work with me to survive financially.

I spent money I didn't have on to make me feel like I was good enough and smart enough. I  became easily distracted by "bright shiny objects" and all the tools I thought I needed to learn.

I kept looking for the "thing"...the one thing that would give me that shortcut it seemed that others had taken.

But what I needed to do was admit that I had beliefs, conditioning, and strategies I had developed in my past that were no longer serving me.

I needed to consistently focus on the foundational basics of growing a business.​

I needed to regain the confidence I had when I was in corporate life.

After decades as a corporate employee who'd worked for abusive bosses I also had to release the conditioning that caused me to question every decision I now needed to make -- and to take action.

Here are the Benefits Members Get...


The biggest benefit is the self-awareness that comes from turning into your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. No more overwhelm. Imagine the joy of being focused...what's the right, best thing to work on NOW.


Courage is taking action in spite of fear. Being part of a community that supports you helps you take action and move forward.


The Club helps you stay focused on your next-best step. You can reach your big goal through a series of daily micro movements.


A group of people who get YOU. Who understand your challenges. They'll celebrate with you, encourage you, and gently push you to take action.


You'll tune into what you say and do that holds you back and hurts you. You'll develop a healthy appreciation for the unique and fabulous person you really are!


Whether your goal is to grow revenue, launch a course, write a book, start a podcast, or just put yourself "out there" more, making micro movements every day gets you to finish what you start and helps you reach that next level of success.

"A judgment-free zone where you can be you..."

"I'm very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this group. There is no other place that I feel this safe expressing my inner-most concerns and state of affairs. "

Duncan Moss  //  Video Production and Marketing Expert, Moss Media Solutions

"I got 4 speaking engagements in 12 weeks..."

In the first three weeks I got more done and took more action than I have in years. In about 10 weeks I got 3 speaking engagements and just landed my 4th! (at the 12 week mark)."

Barbara McLean  //  Marketing Communications Expert for Non-Profits

Be Brave! Go for the success you dream of and deserve. Join the Courageous Entrepreneurs Club

This is a recurring program. In the last week of your initial 12 weeks in the Group you'll be given the opportunity to cancel your membership if you don't want to continue or to go on recurring billing.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a coaching program not a course. You get out what you put into it so if you're not willing or able to give this your all then don't sign up. There is no refund and no guarantee.


Is This Right for You?

Are you...

  • An introverted  coach, consultant, healer, freelance service provider? Or someone with strong introverted tendencies?
  • Looking for more support than you're getting from other groups you're in?
  • Generally positive and optimistic? Supportive of others?
  • Willing to make small changes and take small actions to move forward toward your big goals? -- Even if it means being uncomfortable?
  • Committed to your own success and willing to do what's needed to make your business work? -- I repeat....EVEN IF IT'S UNCOMFORTABLE?

This is Not Right for You If You're...

  • Clinically depressed.
  • Not ready or willing to "participate in your own rescue"
  • Not willing to do something different to break out of your disempowering, ineffective patterns
  • A naturally dominating personality, drama queen (or king), who craves the center of attention
  • So over-scheduled that you're unwilling to or unable to make time in your day to participate in the group platform

Here's What You Need and What You Don't Need

What You Need

  • Crystal clarity on your goals and actions
  • A supportive environment of like-minded entrepreneurs who are walking the same path or who've been where you are
  • A positive community where you can be yourself, admit what's not working, and get the support you need
  • Daily accountability to stay focused so you don't go off into the weeds
  • Brainstorming and idea sharing 
  • Focus on what's truly important 

What You Don't Need

  • Some new "must use" tool 
  • Skills training in your area of expertise -- you know enough 
  • Someone who doesn't get you or how you think
  • Some big mastermind group where you don't get the time or attention you need

Here's a Recap of What You Get as a Member of the Club

  • 12-Weeks in the Club. You'll be locked in to this price as long as you're a member.
  • Kick-off Orientation and Goal-Setting Session
  • Monthly Problem Solving sessions
  • Work sprints -- fun, virtual sessions where we get together and focus on getting work done.
  • Daily virtual coaching to keep you on track
  • Access to my exclusive First Friday networking events to meet other members so you can build referral relationships.
  • Recommended resources and tools to save you time hunting for a solution

This is a recurring program. At the end of the 12-weeks you'll be given the opportunity to end your membership or stay in the Group on recurring billing.