Podcast Success Toolkit

Leverage a podcast to position you as a trusted advisor, pre-sell your offerings, and profit from your expertise!

  • Gurus only talk about the microphones and software you need but it takes more than that for a successful show.
  • There are 300,000+ shows on iTunes. How will yours stand out?
  • It takes a plan to link the show to your marketing and sales process

Hi, I'm Winnie Anderson. My show landed on New & Noteworthy for all of iTunes  in less than an hour after its official launch, and in 3 categories  inside of 24 hours. I did it with only 213 people on my email list.

Yes you can use a show to grow your business. But a show can also drain your energy and resources if you don't know what you're getting into.

You've heard the stories of the gurus who have made a fortune with their podcast and they make it sound so simple. Just buy a microphone, make some recordings, and get them on iTunes.

What they don't tell you is how to create a unique show concept. They don't tell you how to structure the show to inspire action on the part of listeners. They don't tell you how to create a show that builds a passionate audience base. 

Anyone can launch a show. The trick is to build a show that achieves your business goals. Gurus don't tell you how to do that. They only talk about the money they make and the lifestyle they have...to entice you into their programs. 

But what if your show idea isn't unique enough to stand out and attract an audience? As the number of podcasts increases and as listeners become more sophisticated about them it will become harder for a show from someone who doesn't already have a big list to gain traction.

Show's aren't free. They take time and money to produce. They take money to maintain.  You want to make sure your idea is a good one -- or that it's not a good one so you can scrap it before you launch it. 

The Best Podcasts Solve a Problem

We're all busy people juggling problems and putting out fires. There's a limited amount of time that anyone has to listen to podcasts in any given day or week. To grab a listener's ear, your show has to be unique and it has to solve a problem they already know they have and are actively searching for a solution to.

But to really help your listeners, you owe it to them to invite them to take the next step to learn more about solving their problem or to take action to solve it if they're ready. 

I refer to podcasts as "edu-mercials". They educate the listener on an aspect of the problem, then tell them wher to go for a bigger solution. They're not hypey or salesy like old-school infomercials. They're like mini-seminars that people can take with them and listen on the go.

What if your idea isn't unique? There's more than one way to create a show that stands out

Technology was the fourth idea I had for a show, and it was the only show I started. I know others who've started shows that failed. They started another show that failed. I created my show using  a "slice of a slice" concept. Find the topic that fits and your audience cares about, then narrow it down so it's unique and powerful.

The Pre-Launch Period is the most important

Everyone jumps right to worrying about the tech -- what microphone to use....how do I record the show...how do I edit...

​But what you really need to focus on FIRST is your Mission, Message, Market, Model, and Money. If you're not clear on those things then there's no point in producing or launching your show.

​The Pre-Launch period - This has two phases: Planning the show and producing your Launch content.

What happens after your friends support your launch?

Unless you have a big list full of people who are already on iTunes you'll need to get everyone you ever met to support your launch. Your friends may be enough to help you get started but the point of this is to attract clients, strategic partners, and opportunities. That means you've got to expect and plan for the roller coaster ride of your initial few months as the show gains traction. 

Here are the pieces you need...

  • PreLaunch
    Create a show around a Big Idea -- a unique concept that solves the problem your audience is dealing with while it positions you as a trusted solution provider.
  • Launch
    This 8-week window is your opportunity to build momentum for the show. It includes the opportunity to get your show into New & Noteworthy on iTunes. You need to budget your money and time and plan this out well.
  • Post-Launch
    The show's up, people are subscribing, now what? You want to make sure you're focusing on the right metrics, that you're managing the production of the show, and making tweaks as you go along to continue to improve the show.

Gurus either just focus on the tech or only on the launch...

When I researched starting a podcast, I could only find information on the tech of creating the episodes or on the launch process after the first few shows were put together. I couldn't find anything that spoke to what I wanted to do -- to create a show as the foundation of my content and offering creation...to create something that would position and pre-sell me while helping me build a business around educational offerings.

As an Introvert who's passionate about educating others and helping them reach their goals, I had to admit to myself -- I hate selling. No course or coach is going to change that. I needed to find a way to build a business and get myself and my message out there without putting me in traditional sales mode. 

That's why I started a podcast. To get my message out and build a business centered around educating professionals.


This course is everything I did to create and launch my show and get it on New & Noteworthy for all of iTunes  -- in less than an hour after its official launch -- and in New & Noteworthy in all 3 categories it's listed in on iTunes.  

This is the 2nd beta running of the course. It's NOT for you if you are focused more on just getting something up on iTunes and your primary focus isn't on creating a great show.

It's also NOT for you if you are unwilling or unable to devote from 15 to 45 minutes a day to work through the content and planning your show.

It IS for you if you understand that creating a show is a big commitment and you're willing to make that commitment to produce a great show that makes a difference in the lives of your listeners while it positions and pre-sells you as a trusted advisor and helps potential clients decide to buy.

Here's  What You Get

  • Exercises and worksheets to think through your message and connect the show to your offerings - Selling becomes as easy as inviting people to take the next step.
  • Budget worksheets to figure out where to spend your money and time. - Podcasting isn't free and it takes time so you want to spend your money and time wisely.
  • Show flows to use to plan each episode and give your guests -- my guests RAVE about this and tell me how easy it is to be on my show.
  • My tech guide that recommends the minimum tools you need to get started.  - You DON'T need fancy equipment.
  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs who will cheer you, challenge you, and support you. -- Join the folks who've already taken this who can support you on your way.
  • Lots of Q&A time to get your questions answered. - The course is small so I can give as much individualized attention as possible. Each person gets one 30-minute call with me at the beginning of the course.
  • Ideal Listener Questionnaire to identify your best listener -- the more you know the better  job you'll do at creating content they love.
  • Launch plan and marketing strategy - I used a different launch strategy than most people and it worked!
  • Emails and other tools I created to get guests on the show.  - I share the emails that worked and those that didn't and show you how to improve them.
  • Course materials in video, audio, and PDFs delivered every Monday and action steps every day to help you stay  on track.
  • One private call with me during the course to discuss your show idea, answer questions, and review any material you've put together.
  • The course starts on Monday, October 10th with the first segment available no later than 9am ET. Open Q&A calls are most Thursdays at 3pm ET and they're recorded in case you miss one.

Podcasting is a Great Opportunity but it's not for everyone.

It's NOT for you if you're...

  1. NOT Committed to Using Education as a Marketing Strategy:  If you don't understand the importance of sharing useful information to help people make a decision then this isn't for you.
  2. Looking for a miracle to save your business: This is not a quick-fix that will pull you out of a financial crisis quickly. You need a budget (I'll help you figure one out) and you need contacts who will support your launch. You also need contacts who are in your ideal listener segment. Friends will support you but they won't keep the show going.
  3.  Not committed to a quality show: Your show doesn't have to be perfect -- mine's not -- but it needs to share great information in an entertaining way. We all want to repurpose content but if you're just looking for another way to recycle information then this isn't it. 

Join the 2nd Beta Group for just $397

The course may run one more session in Beta but the price will go up by at least $200 the next time it runs. 

If you hate selling like I do and you're looking for a way to attract people who truly want what you offer then I encourage you to sign up.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed- If you start the course and decide in the first two weeks that it's not for you, I'll refund your money no questions asked.


The price will increase by at least $200 the next time I offer it.

Winnie Anderson
Business Development Instructor & Host of Let's Talk Tech

About Winnie

A car accident in 1999 forced then Human Resources Director Winnie Anderson to reinvent herself and she became an award-winning Brand Strategist and Copywriter.  When she was laid off in 2008 she struggled to sell herself and after years of gurus and thousands of dollars, Winnie realized she needed a business model that leveraged her greatest talents and minimized her weaknesses. 

Within 3 weeks of launching Let's Talk Tech, she...

  • had a dozen people asking her to teach them how to launch a podcast like hers
  • asked to record two commercials for hosting giant, Hostgator 
  • was invited to appear in a virtual business expo​

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed