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It's Time to Answer The Call to Lead

If you're an Introverted entrepreneur...especially a woman "of a certain age"...you may be wrestling with conflicting emotions and drives around what it takes to launch, run, and grow a sustainably successful business. 


  • want to make a big impact in the world and get your message out but are afraid of attracting haters 
  • want to be seen as a leader but you're afraid of coming on too strong and being thought of as a B***h
  • are a private person and hesitate to let the real you come through in your marketing and messaging
  • want to create success but deal with an internal tug of war between what you want and the fears you have about taking action to get it

It Really Is Possible to Move Forward with Courage and Lead in a Way That's Consistent with Your Values

Yes You Can Bring Your "Whole Self" to Your Business and Create the Impact and Success You Dream of

"Get the Recordings from this virtual conference that challenges the way you approach leadership..."


Thank you Winnie and all guest speakers. very worth the time spent -- learned a lot!


Georgia Day, Career Fulfillment Coach - Austin, TX


Such great information ladies! So glad I bought the recordings.


Jenia Hauser

Retail Store Owner, West Hollywood, CA


This was a great day! Everyone was great and I know I'll be listening to the recordings again. Worth the time and money.


Lynne Lesick

Tech Company President, 

Pittsburgh, PA


  • 1
    Feel Safe, Strong, and Able to Stand Up for Yourself
  • 2
    Develop Your Brand as a Leader by getting your message out in a bigger way 
  • 3
    Break Free From Imposter Syndrome and own your expertise 
  • 4
    Achieve Your Biggest Goals with Scientifically Proven Strategies  
  • 5
    Lead with Authenticity by Aligning Your Core Values with Your  Professional Actions

Presentations include:

Find Your Strength with Master Jodi Harrison-Lee

Jodi will share the secrets to true confidence so you feel safe, strong, and able to defend yourself. Feeling safe is essential if a woman is to become all she wants and is meant to be. You'll discover the strategies to being mentally, physically, and emotionally strong so you can rise to the challenge of leading in every area of your life.

From Fraud to Feedom: Unmasking Imposter Syndrome from the Inside Out with Suzie Gruber

If you've ever felt like a fraud, you're not alone. Celebrities and high-powered executives have confessed to the intense fear that at some point they'd be found out and unmasked as a fake. Imposter syndrome is a frustrating pattern that keeps you from taking your rightful place as a powerful, female leader. Suzie shares how to recognize and shift this pattern to become a more effective leader.

Step Up, Speak Up, and Build Your Brand as a Leader Through Podcasting with Susan Weeks

You know you could help more people if you could get your message out to a wider audience. And you recognize the value of being seen as a leader, an expert, an authority in your niche. But how do you do that? Susan Weeks shares one of the most powerful tools available -- Podcasting. Sue will break through the hype and focuses on facts. She'll explain strategic podcasting and help you see if a podcast could be worth considering.

The End of Self-Doubt:  Break Free from Disempowering Beliefs with Winnie Anderson

You know WHAT to do, but can't bring yourself to consistently take action and do those high value things you know could bring you a potentially high return on your time investment. You consider yourself an abundance thinker and positive, but...you second-guess yourself, under-charge, and resist taking Courageous Action. In this presentation, Winnie will reveal the core elements to break through to the next level of success, and believe you're as fabulous as everyone says you are. 

Courageous Action: How to get more of the important stuff done and achieve your biggest goals  with Winnie Anderson

Solo professionals and entrepreneurs wear what feels like dozens of hats and it can become easy to be busy without actually accomplishing much of anything.  We grab at Bright Shiny Objects and every must-do, sure-fire tactic promoted by the latest guru. Unless we focus on our Strategic Priorities we'll continue to work hard but not achieve our biggest goals. Winnie will share scientifically proven tactics to help you achieve more, reach your biggest goals, and improve your productivity and profitability. 

Lead in Balance: Bringing Your Whole Authentic Self into Your Leadership Style  with Nukhet Hendricks

All professionals must manage the pull of wanting to be fully ourselves while we wrestle with the conditioning we've experienced at every point in our life. Women face the pressure of dealing with stereotypes as well as with our own beliefs about what it means to be a female leader. Nukhet will reveal how to truly lead in balance and align yourself with your core values as you call on the courage to stand out, step up, and be the change agent you're called to be. 

The Speakers

Jodi Harrison-Lee - Martial Arts Master, Best Selling Author, Speaker

Master Lee is a 5th degree black belt and co-owner of The Martial Way, martial arts studio in La Crescenta, California. When parents began asking her for help to prepare their teen daughters for life on their own at college, Jodi translated her life-long study of the concept of strength and created workshops and presentations designed to help women and girls understand that true strength lies in the mind and the spirit as well as in the body. Jodi has her California teaching certification in special education. She has an undergrad degree in psychology and communication and a Masters degree in Education. She speaks and teaches on strength and safety. She lives in southern California and is mom to 3 black belts (the youngest is 10!).

Suzie Gruber - Personal Development Coach

After 15 years in biotech with start-up companies, Suzie finally began listening to her inner self and decided to completely rebuild her professional life/ After getting a MA in Psychology, becoming a Somatic Experiencing (SE) practitioner, and then training in the Neuroreflective Relational Model (NARM for short), she created a way to support professionals with breaking free from the survival strategies developed in childhood that no longer serve you. She works virtually with clients but calls Oregon home.

Susan Weeks - Content Strategist and Podcast Producer

 Susan Weeks helps experts share their genius with a wider world through podcasting, video marketing and creating online courses. She makes the technology work, so they can change lives of those they serve. Sue has a corporate background in training and technology. She is the host of Stitchery Stories, a top podcast about textile art and the artists who create it. Sue is also a mentor with FreelanceUniversity.com (formerly VAClassroom.com). She develops and teaches a variety of tech-related courses and provides coaching support to their students. She lives in a lovely seaside town in the UK with her teen son.

Winnie Anderson Business Achievement Strategist, Writer, Podcaster

Winnie is the host of this online conference. Forced to reinvent herself after a car accident knocked her out of her corporate life, Winnie reinvented herself and became an award-winning brand strategist and copywriter. When she was laid off she discovered the strategies that had helped her survive an abusive childhood and thrive in the dysfunction of corporate America, were now actively holding her back.  She works with introverted, mission-driven solution providers to help them get the courage, clarity, and confidence to get their message out in a bigger way, face their fears, and stay focused so they can achieve their goals. She lives in western NY with her husband, three cats, and collection of crazy socks.

Nukhet Hendricks - Leadership coach and nonprofit executive

As the executive director of an animal shelter in North Dakota, Nukhet grew the operation from a low six-figure to solid seven-figure budget. She continues to grow that organization while she mentors the emerging women leaders whom she guides. She holds a Master's degree in Public and Human Service Administration and has been a nonprofit executive for more than 28 years in various leadership roles. Nukhet is originally from Turkey and has called the United States home since she became a naturalized citizen in 1987.

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