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Resources to help you embrace and apply Pre-Selling as a philosophy and strategy so you can attract great prospects and help them decide to become clients faster and easier -- no convincing or persuading necessary.

Welcome to The Learning Center! 

You can think of this as a one-stop location to find free resources to help you attract great clients, build a thriving service-based business, and strengthen your position as a company of service-providers, not sales people.

You may find text that sounds like it should link to something and you may even find links that are broken. Hope you understand that I'm anxious to get this page mapped out and live, so rather than keep up an "under construction" sign on the site or hide a page, I'd rather have it out there. 

If you've got a question or concern, you can reach out to me on LinkedIn or on Facebook..

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My blog is where I share my thoughts and practical strategies for attracting clients using inbound marketing strategies which include sharing useful content to educate potential buyers, share information to help them decide to buy, as well as my thoughts on building a client-focused culture and a thriving business. Click here to go to the blog now...

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I've been teaching adults since 1984. It's in my DNA, and it influences how I organize information when I work with clients. In this section of the Learning Center there are links to presentations I've done, as well as courses consisting of the content I take clients through. Some of these are free and some are fee-basedIf you're not ready to work with me privately a course may be right for you. BTW, these links take you off of my site to one of the course platforms I use.

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A  pet peeve of mine is a website that uses terminology but doesn't explain or define it. We pledge to do our best to link terms to our glossary so you don't have to go somewhere to look up the meaning. Click here to go directly to the Glossary.

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Click the link to find podcast and livestream interviews I've done with tech experts, courageous entrepreneurs, and others who share inspiration and information to help you...

  • discover the tech needed to run and grow your business
  • overcome challenges on your path to a thriving business
  • position and pre-sell your business so you make a great impact and income

Just click the link  to go to the page and then find the the category of show and check out the episodes.

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In this spot you'll find interviews I've done on other people's shows, as well as links to my YouTube channel, any press releases, and other stuff I can't find a place for 🙂 Topics I've covered with others include...

  • Overcoming trauma (I'm a head injury survivor)
  • Creating a podcast
  • Writing a book
  • and more

Just click this link to go to the Media page and follow the links there for the specific recordings. You'll also find information about booking me to appear on your show.

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I get lots of questions about tools I use, books I read, experts I refer to etc. Go here to get that info. Some links may be affiliate links which means I'll get some Diet Coke money if you click something and decide to buy. Always do your due diligence and don't buy something just because I recommend it.