I love solving problems but hate applying Band-Aids. 

I know sometimes a short term solution is what’s needed in the moment but it really haunts me when I know a problem is going to recur or eventually get worse.

I much prefer to truly fix a problem.

When I worked in human resources, the courses I designed and taught rarely led to true behavior change or skill improvement.

That’s because a course just shares information and concepts. It takes practice, mistakes, feedback, and correction for someone to truly learn new skills and new behaviors.

Corporate training is more focused on just checking off some boxes to say you did it or they offered it. It doesn’t provide the ongoing support and feedback needed for someone to learn what they’re exposed to in the course.

When I worked at a branding agency I discovered our client companies often had deeper problems than a new logo or new messaging would fix.

The best copy didn’t help if the company didn’t have systems to help clients buy or if the business didn’t deliver an outstanding client experience.

And what I saw out on my own was that clients wouldn’t apply the strategies, processes, and messaging I created for them because they had other issues that were in their way.

That’s what led me to create my Next Big Leap™ methodology.

We Start with Consulting to Identify Your Next Best Move™

  • Where do you want to go
  • Where are you now
  • What’s keeping you from reaching that destination you want to get to
  • What’s the fastest, simplest path to the outcome you want

I have a model and proprietary process I follow to uncover the information needed and get you the clarity necessary.

I’m also one of the world’s first certified Fix This Next® advisors and that model supports my own.

I diagnose the problem and create a Strategic Action Map for you to follow to solve the problem and produce the outcome you want.


Implementation of the Solution

If you know you need and want help in implementing the solution and following your Strategic Acton Map, then our work will continue on an interlocking continuum as I coach, teach, support and continue to consult with you on the road to creating the change needed and achieving the outcome you want so you make your Next Big Leap.

What Sort of Leaps Can You Make?

I’ve helped businesses with the following:

  • Create or streamline their sales process
  • Develop a marketing and sales funnel
  • Launch a course (I’ve designed them too)
  • Generate new, qualified leads (as many as 16,000 in 5 months)
  • Launch (or relaunch) a book
  • Get out of overwhelm and stay focused on what’s most impactful
  • Build their referral network
  • Stay top of mind with clients
  • Reorganize staff duties, create processes so staff are set up for success

Of course that’s not a promise that you’ll have the same results. It’s just an example of things I’ve helped others do.

Want to learn more?

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