January 6

Owning and Communicating Your Value as an Authority



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Show Notes

Building a financially abundant coaching, consulting, or other practice centered around our core expertise is a dream for all of us. But how do you do that? How do you make a big impact and a big income where you’re paid top dollar, working with fantastic clients who are committed to doing the work and playing full out?

That’s a pretty big topic with lots of layers to it. And it’s why I’m always fascinated to talk about it with women who have done it and who continue to push themselves to maximize their revenue and the joy in their lives.

Today’s episode is with top executive coach Charmaine McLarie.

Charmaine McClarie, African American Professional woman, speaker, executive coach
Leadership expert, Charmaine McClarie

Charmaine has been running a thriving practice for decades and built it strictly through word of mouth.

She makes no secret of the fact that some people will think she’s expensive but like the commercial says Charmaine has no problem saying “I’m worth it”.

In addition to being an executive coach, Charmaine is a keynote speaker and leadership expert. She works with clients to have their best year ever and 98% of her clients get promoted within 18 months.

She serves on the faculty at the University of Missouri Kansas City Block School of Management’s EMBA program and is a visiting lecturer at Smith College’s Executive Education program. Her company has been featured in Financial Times, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, the NY Times, and People magazine.

Listen in as Charmaine and I discuss:

  • Recognizing, owning, and charging your value
  • Why women in particular often undercharge
  • The question she asks people that completely stumps them
  • The one piece of advice she got when she started that helped her price her services from a place of value and communicate that
  • How she became a great speaker
  • Her Executive Success Principles and the value of having branded content
  • Her tips on marketing, selling, and managing growth and making a big impact while having a life you love

As always, listen all the way to the end where I’ll share your cocktail exercise and action step for this episode

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Resources for This Episode

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