Confirmed! You're Registered for Pre-Sell Summer Camp

Congratulations on taking this important step to attract more clients and grow your business! You're now officially registered for the Pre-Sell and Profit Summer Camp led by Winnie Anderson.

Please Take These Important Steps Now While You're Thinking of Them:

  1. Make Room in Your Schedule This 8-week camp requires your consistent participation and action. To get the most value, be prepared to dedicate approximately 30 minutes Monday Through Friday to consume the instructional content (video or text). You'll need to budget another 30 to 45 minutes to take action on the assigned tasks. Please note -- how long it actually takes you to complete things will vary based on your clarity on the topic and your comfort using the tools needed for the assignment. 
    "Make room in your schedule" doesn't mean "add this to your already crazy-long to-do list". You may need to take things off of your list to make room for this. Promise yourself you'll give this your all and make it the focus of your schedule. 
  2. White-list these email addresses: I'll be sending you emails, including your invitation to join the Facebook group where the program will be held. Be sure to add the following addresses to your "safe" or "approved" list and keep an eye out for the message because they may still land in your junk/spam folder. If that happens, be sure to take the steps necessary to tell your email provider that the address(es) is/are safe. The addresses are and
  3. Join the Private Facebook Group You'll receive an email invitation to join our private Facebook group for camp members only. This is where all activities, discussions, and Q&A sessions will take place. Having a Facebook account is required so be sure to do that now if you haven't done it already. Go to and set that up. It just takes a few minutes. And be sure to send me a friend request if we're not connected already!
  4. Set Up the Free Accounts You Need To fully participate, you'll need an AI writing assistant like Claude or ChatGPT (the free versions are just fine). You'll also benefit from a basic design tool like Canva (the free version is fine). We'll be showing you the basics of how to use them.
  5. Block Off Your Fridays. Each Friday during the course of from 10:30am ET to 12pm ET, we'll have an extended session to prepare for the upcoming week, and we'll doe a live Q&A. Do your best to schedule around this time  on Fridays so you get a head's start on the next week.
  6. Stay a little flexible, please. Our last day of the program is scheduled for August 9th. I'm traveling that week though and may need to add an extra day or two, so we might not officially end until the following week. I'll keep you posted!
  7. Get Ready to Take Imperfect Action! Growth happens when you take consistent action, even if it's not perfect. Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone, receive feedback, and fully commit to the process.

We're so excited to have you join us on this journey to attract more leads, elevate your brand, and streamline your sales process. Prepare for an engaging, supportive group experience!

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. The best way to reach me is via private message on Facebook. 

Here's to your pre-selling success!

Remember - we start on Monday, June 17th

If you have any questions be sure to reach out to me via private message on Facebook. (I hate email!)