Purposeful Planning Workshop Feedback

It was an absolute joy spending a good chunk of the last 2 days with you. I hope you found the workshop useful and meaningful.

My goal is to deliver practical and powerful training to help you get the clarity, courage, and confidence to take your business to the next level of success (as YOU define that).

I’d like to get some initial feedback while the experience is still fresh for you. I’m going to also ask you for feedback after about a month. That gives you time to apply the concepts shared and I’m sure you’ll have a different perception of what works, what was valuable, and what I can do to make the program and material even more impactful for the next participants.

Keep in mind that, as long as you’re a member of the Courageous Entrepreneur Club, no matter what group you’re participating in, you’ll always be able to repeat the planning process — whether you want to go through the two days or just one.

Thanks again for being a great participant and playing full out.

My biggest wish for you is that you achieve all the success you dream of and deserve.




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