Recommended Resources

My favorite tools, people, books, and more. This list will be updated periodically. Links my be affiliate links.

Tech Tools, Programs, and More

Tech Tools

These are the tools I use now or have used in the past. Links may be affiliate links which means if you click and buy something I may receive a thank you from the company -- cash, points, or gifts. 

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Domain Registration

I get all my domains from GoDaddy. Sure there are cheaper places out there but when I have a problem or question, I want to talk to a human. I'm willing to pay more for good service. I don't use them for hosting though.

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Hosting Provider

This is a hot topic among geeks like me. People tend to want to go with cheap hosting. I'm a believer in paying for good service. Right now I use Siteground but am planning on moving to a different hosting provider so stay tuned. Your site developer may host your site for you but that's not a situation I recommend. (I should write a blog post about this topic)

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Site Building/Site Builders

This is a very big decision to make and it depends on a lot of factors. There people who advocate all-in-one platforms like Square Space or Wix, those who advocate for WordPress, and even those who recommend Hubspot. 

I use WordPress right now even though I personally don't like it. My team of referral partners use WordPress and work with Beaver Builder or Elementor. For the right business, Hubspot may be a a good choice because of the other, integrated tools it offers. But site platforms are a big decision. The most important thing though is your site's information is well organized and it's message is compelling (but I digress 🙂 )

Your developer or agency will use a specific platform or tool. You want to make sure the platform or tool used is something you and your team will know how to use so you can make MINOR changes when you need to. You especially want to be able to add content like blog posts whenever you want. So ask your developer or one you're considering for your rebuild if they'll teach you and your team how to use it. If they won't do that then I think you should consider working with someone else or another agency. I'm happy to talk about it with you (and I'll be writing about this soon).

Marketing Automation and Email Service Providers

I've used most of these tools and some are tools my best friend uses or my clients have used and recommended.

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Email Service Providers

This is another hot topic people get passionate about. I always recommend the simplest tool. I know it's a drag to switch providers but I hate to see people use a fire hose when they really need a squirt gun. I'm going to write more about this but often email services are bundled in with Marketing Automation Tools. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes it's that firehose situation. Be sure to choose a tool that's right for you now but also gives you room to grow. (review and link(s) coming soon) 

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Marketing Automation Tools

This is a broad and growing area with so many tools to choose from. Be sure you're paying for a tool that does what you need it to right now and has the tools you're going to need in the coming 12 to 18 months. This is one of those areas where you can pay a lot of money for something with complex tools you'll never use or are years away from needing. And by then who knows what new thing will be out. So just be careful when choosing.(review and link(s) coming soon) 

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Royalty-Free Images

There are lots of these out there too. Right now, I use Pixabay for many reasons. They're not the easiest site to search but they're better than many others I've tried. But they ARE free for a typical business use on a website. Just be sure to read the terms and give credit where you can. Most of the images on this site are courtesy of Pixabay. (a review is coming of royalty-free sites but don't click the link right now).

Experts I Recommend and Work With

These are friends, colleagues, and professionals I've worked with and feel confident referring you to. Please let anyone you contact know you found them through me and my site. And if you ever work with someone I've recommended and have a negative experience please let me know. 


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Personal Development - Suzie Gruber

So many of us have moments when we realize we're in our own way. Or we work with someone who points out to us that we're the block to making our next big leap or we're holding our organization back. 
It takes a special kind of person to help you through that (and it's not me!). I personally work with and highly recommend, the amazing Suzie Gruber. She's the best coach I've ever worked with. 

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Financial Stress Management - Chellie Campbell

It's not what you make, it's what you keep. And it's also what you do with what you keep and how you feel about it. Let's face is complicated. There's all sorts of stories we tell ourselves about it. If you're ready to become more abundant overall, then checkout Chellie's workshops and groups. (I have links to her books below)

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Visual Branding - Tracy Lay

At some point, the visual imagery you use to represent your brand just doesn't cut it. It doesn't communicate your brand essence effectively and it may even look cheap. Not the image you want to communicate. When I work on a total rebrand, I turn to Tracy Lay because I know she'll create logos and other design elements that communicate the unspoken message needed to be shared. When you're ready to make your next big leap, you want a designer who gets it and gets you. Tracy specializes in service businesses (like I do).