Here are the two shows I host…

The Courageous Entrepreneur is my new live show. It airs Monday through Friday from 11:30am ET to 12pm ET  on my business page on Facebook. The show’s raw recordings live there and the slightly edited versions can be found here on my website.

The show features interviews with experts and fellow entrepreneurs who share tips and strategies to help entrepreneurs who are working to overcome emotional wounds from past traumas and achieve the breakthrough they need to create the success they dream of and deserve.


Let’s Talk Tech is a podcast that demystifies the software, services, systems, and apps entrepreneurs need to run and grow a profitable business.

The show landed on New & Noteworthy for all of iTunes within an hour of it’s official launch date. Inside of 24-hours it was in New & Noteworthy in each of the 3 categories it’s listed in on iTunes.

Episodes discuss a problem entrepreneurs have and the tech needed to manage or solve the problem.

Topics covered have included everything from registering a domain name to trademark registration to marketing automation.

You can find the Let’s Talk Tech show at this link or you can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, I Heart Radio, or in the Google Play store.

Here’s a list of the current top 10 episodes for Let’s Talk Tech based on the number of downloads.

When you decide to join my community and connect with me you’ll receive episodes in your inbox along with articles, tips, and resources to help you master your emotions, put down your emotional baggage, and move forward with confidence and clarity.


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