June 19

Summon the Courage to Be You – the right audience will embrace you


One of the nice things about living where I do (north of Niagara Falls in the last exit in the United States)…is there’s this outdoor theater in town.

The concerts are dirt cheap (they used to be free!) and we’ve seen some great shows….Geezer Rock stuff like..Foreigner…Peter Frampton….Steve Miller…RINGO!!!!

Well last night we saw The O’Jays. How fun are they? They were big when I was in high school.

What struck me by the end of the show was how NO ONE was sitting down. Everyone who COULD stand up was up and dancing in the aisles. People were dancing with random people.

You know what? People who don’t like the O’Jays  didn’t come.

The O’Jays didn’t sit up there and cry because there were people who didn’t come to their show.

They didn’t call a meeting to figure out how to convince and persuade those people to give them a chance and consume their music, buy their albums, listen to their message.


They stood up there in their light blue suits and danced their butts off and sang their hearts out.

They didn’t sit around comparing themselves to Yes (the band who will be there next week).

Can you commit to wearing YOUR special outfit and dancing your crazy steps and singing your song at the absolute TOP of your lungs?

Can you listen to the people who LOVE you and who want to hear the same song again even though you just finished it?

Can you just be you? I know it’s hard. Being ourselves is the absolute hardest thing for most of us to do.

Even The Rock – Dwayne Johnson — says so.

It makes sense that we want to fit in and be part of a community. It’s how we were designed.

But we’ve been hurt before being ourselves.

But you know what else?

You were meant to stand out. The community YOU’RE meant to be part of is probably the one YOU’RE meant to lead.

When The O’Jays told us to sing, we sang. When they told us to dance, we danced.

So stop feeling guilty for being the strong, opinionated person you are and start singing that song and wearing that outfit and inspiring people who LONG to hear you.

And stop thinking you don’t “sing” well enough. Your audience…your community…will love it when you just do you. You give them permission to be themselves when you give yourself permission to be you.


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