If you are a service-based entrepreneur like a consultant, coach, healer, creative, contractor this video is going to help you get a better understanding of how to sell your services even if you don’t think of how you offer your services as true “selling.”

In today’s video I want to explain to you two of the most confusing concepts in marketing and sales. They’re also two of the most important concepts in marketing and sales. They’re two very foundational concepts and lots of people get them confused.

That’s positioning and branding.

Alot of people think they’re actually the same thing but they’re not. They’re very different.

Positioning is how you’re different. And Branding is how to make yourself the mind and heart of your ideal clients. So positioning has to come first because positioning is what good designers and good developers will actually use in coming up with the visual and verbal representation of the brand. So even in putting together the website…everyone has to understand how you’re different and how you want to position yourself in the market in order to create a strong, clear, compelling brand and then communicate it very clearly.

So why do so many people get this wrong? And everybody gets this wrong…I got it wrong.

We get caught up in the trappings of marketing and sales.

By trappings I mean the logo, the business cards, the website, the collateral material, what are we gonna talk about…But if you don’t take the time to work your positioning out, you’re not going to have a what you need to create a compelling visual identity. You’re not going to be able to know what to say. You’re not going to be able to say it very clearly or convincingly.

So positioning really is the most important thing.

I have an example for you.

This is a little crazy but…cookies.

The packaged snack market is incredibly competitive in the United States anyway is incredibly competitive.

Oreo…a big brand that’s been around since 1912 and Snack Wells. A relatively new brand that’s only been around since about 1992.

How does a new brand like Snack Wells gain traction in a crowded market? Especially with a giant brand like Oreo?

Snack Wells came up with a great positioning campaign. They positioned themselves as a “healthy” alternative to traditional cookies.

So in 1992 Snack Wells comes on the market and that’s how they positioned themselves and they did it. They gained traction, they got great placement, and they’re a successful brand today.

They can’t unseat Oreo. They may have taken away some people who were looking for a healthier alternative and people are thinking “I don’t want reduced fat Oreos, I’m gonna have me some Snack Wells”

You’re in a crowded market segment too. Especially if you’re an accountant, a management consultant…a doctor. Why should someone come to you? If you don’t clearly differentiate yourself you’re going to be competing on two primary things: Location — who’s closest to me…who’s convenient — and price…do you take my insurance, what’s your copay…what’s your quote? no I can get a consultant to do this cheaper…You do not want to compete on those two things.

You need to position yourself very, very clearly. That’s the foundation creating an attractive marketing message to attract your ideal clients, your prime suspects too you.

So positioning should not be a mystery. You want to leave clear clues for those clients who you most want to serve.

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