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Show Notes

Growing a business can be scary.

We know we need to put ourselves out there…we need to market ourselves in such a way that we get attention, inspire people to want to learn more, and ultimately to say yes to working with us.

For those of us who are corporate escapees, we grew up as professionals in an environment that was a constant struggle between standing out and not really wanting to stand out.

There was the good part of standing out: being recognized as a leader, getting a promotion, getting an increase.

But there’s also a lot of negatives connected with standing out in corporate life: being ridiculed, being punished.

And heaven help you if you made a mistake at work.

I’m sure you know people who took a risk and who made a mistake, who were disciplined, or even fired.

It’s bad enough to take a risk, make a mistake, even fail at something and have your coworkers and peers know it.

It could destroy your reputation and your career.

Is it any wonder we become fearful of taking chances when we’re out on our own?

Well imagine if you took a big risk – something you were excited about trying – and you failed.

And what if people laughed at you?

Horrible, right?

Now imagine it was shown on national TV.

And ended up on the Internet.

How humiliating.

What would you do? Would you crawl under your bed and pray the Internet would go down? Maybe someone would take pity on you and pull the recording offline?

Well that’s what happened to today’s guest.

William Hung went from being an unknown civil engineering student at the University of California at Berkley to becoming an overnight sensation because of his failed audition on American Idol.

He’s now a funny, inspirational speaker who shares his message of taking risks and embracing failure with students, association members, and entrepreneurs. And he coaches entrepreneurs who want to leverage speaking to embrace their mistakes, speak from the heart, and make the impact – and achieve the success – they were born to have.

Listen in as William shares:

  • How he ended up auditioning for American Idol
  • How what looks like your biggest failure at the time could actually be your path to success
  • His key point of view that helped him survive the pain of rejection and embrace the opportunities it brought
  • Where he believes optimism comes from
  • And the big secret he revealed on Jimmy Kimmel

As always listen all the way to the end where I’ll share your cocktail exercise and action step for this episode.

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