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Welcome to the Courageous Entrepreneur Show. This is the show that shares information and inspiration to help you break free from self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and disempowering patterns and break through to create the thriving, successful business you dream of and deserve.

I interview entrepreneurs who’ve overcome amazing challenges to create success on their terms and experts who share insight and practical information that can help you get past blocks and move forward with courage, confidence, and clarity.

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The Courageous Entrepreneur Show Episode Notes

As we move through our lives we develop an ongoing monologue…a story that we tell ourselves as we move through our day and through our lives.

This story is built on beliefs we’ve picked up from others in our lives and that we’ve created as we try to make sense of what we go through.

As you’ll discover in this episode, what we tell ourselves …our story…either sets us up for achievement or for struggle.

It’s up to us to recognize the story for what it is – a story – and choose what we’ll focus on and what we’ll let go of.

My great friend and colleague, the brilliant Jeff Rock of Swift River Coaching dot com helps us make sense of all this and begin the process of letting go what no longer serves us and amplify what does.

He’s a career coach, brand story teller, and certified personal branding strategist. Jeff’s work helps professionals uncover, embrace, and make sense of their past to leverage it so it supports their career growth, transition to a new career, or to new business success.

He’s worked with survivors of toxic workplace environments as well as entrepreneurs forging new paths. His 25+ years of corporate experience combined with his unique ability to see your potential, mine your past skills and accomplishments, and break free from the negative aspects of your story enable him to coach and support you as you transition to create life and work that brings you joy and is true to your essence. I can tell you that working with Jeff gave me permission to follow my calling and to be who I truly am. I love Jeff and his work.

So listen in as Jeff shares:

  • What exactly story is and how it impacts goal achievement and success
  • Where our story comes from
  • What influences the story we tell ourselves as we age and navigate through the world
  • Tips to help us begin to recognize the story we have and that it needs to change
  • How to decide what stories to share, who to share them with, and what to just let go of

As always, listen all the way through and I’ll share your reflection exercise and action step for this episode.

Guest Contact Information

Jeff’s website where you can get free information, tips, and resources along with an explanation of his services. Jeff offers a free consultation. Be sure to let him know you heard him on The Courageous Entrepreneur Show.

Jeff on Facebook

Jeff on Twitter


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Extra Resources on the Topic

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Life Stories: How you arrange the plot points of your life into a narrative can shape who you are and is a fundamental part of being human


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