December 31


Top 10 Episodes from Calendar Year 2018

By Winnie Anderson

December 31, 2018

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A big thank you to my fabulous show guests for being their authentic selves and a hug to everyone who’s watched, downloaded, listened to, and subscribed to The Courageous Entrepreneur Show.
Here are links to the audio versions of the top 10 episodes from the 2018 calendar year. These are listed in order of download — and there was a tie!
1. Living a Different Version of Your Dream — featuring Jodi Harrison Lee
2. Career Reinvention — From Science to Publishing featuring Susan Ordona
3. Becoming an Intentional Networker featuring Patti DeNucci
4. Get Known Faster featuring Dr. Letitia Wright
5. The BS of MS featuring Lisa Cohen
6. Success No Matter What featuring Scott Chesney
7. Creating a Social Media Strategy that Works featuring Leslie Horn Trosset
8. Open Yourself to Abundance featuring Nat Courompitree
9. Build Lifelong Client Relationships featuring Deb Brown
(Tie) 10. Get Clients with LinkedIn featuring Tracy Enos
10. Recognize Your Money Patterns featuring Robyn Crane

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