What’s the Big Idea?

Do you have problems talking about what you do in a simple, compelling way?

Do you struggle to create and communicate a consistent message that’s easy for people to understand and that truly draws people in to read your copy or talk to you privately?

You’re not alone.

Whether you’re talking to people at a mixer, writing a blog post, or writing copy for your website, your message has to…

  • be simple
  • get attention
  • draw people in so they naturally want to learn more

…or you won’t get the response you want.

Potential referral partners or potential clients will just file you away in their mental filing cabinet because they think you’re just like all the others in the category they place you in.

You come across as average at best.

You Need a Simple Foundation to Build on

But what if you had a basic foundation for ALL of your messages? How would that simplify your life?

How would that unify your messaging?

You’d know how to introduce yourself in a way that sounded interesting and natural, not canned and rehearsed.

You’d have an easier time writing your website copy because you’d be able to stay focused on your foundation.

Your message would be much more powerful because it would be super consistent.

And, most importantly, your messages — all of them — would clearly position you as unique in a sea of same old, same old.

Let me share this secret formula with you.

Actually…it’s not really a secret. But it’s what good copywriters use to write copy to differentiate their clients as well as their clients’ products and services. It’s how copywriters draw readers in and we just take for granted that other people know it.

And once you do know it, this formula becomes the foundation of how you communicate your unique difference.

Come to the new, free teleseminar

I’m revealing this on my new, free teleseminar: What’s the Big Idea — Discover the Messaging Strategy That Powerfully Captures Attention Without Being Hypey or Salesey

This 75-minute teleseminar is for you if you’re a soloprofessional (consultant, coach, or licensed professional), who doesn’t want to be salesy but is looking for an easy and powerful way to communicate your value.

Here’s what I’ll reveal:

  • How the brain of those you talk to dismisses and rejects your message (unless you do this one simple thing to help it focus)
  • The simple, 3-part formula you can use in every communication method (this helps you stay centered on your core message…very important in building a consistent brand)
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake made with this formula so your messages are powerful, not wimpy (don’t worry, you STILL won’t come across as hypey or salesy)

Sound good?


Here are the details…

When:  Tuesday, August 12th from 12pm ET to 1:15pm ET (get your time zone here)

Where: Anywhere you want — it’s a teleseminar (you get the call-in number when you sign up)

Cost:  Free (no kidding)

(This call will give you a sneak preview of the content I’m going to be sharing in my new, multi-session program: Have Them at Hello — How to stand out and be remembered by delivering a powerful Introduction anytime and anywhere)

Sign up even if you can’t make it and you’ll get the free recording.

Just add your email address and you’ll be on the list for this information-packed session.

Naturally your info is safe with me. I’m the Sales Success Detective, not some spammer.

You’ll get a subscription to The Sales Success Dispatch too. It comes out 2 or 3 times a month and has information, tools, and resources to help you sell your services faster and easier so you help more people and get paid handsomely to do it.

Hope to hear you on the call!

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