Wondering What’s Next?

Wondering where to go next?

Do you fantasize about starting your own business…whether it would be a side venture to bring you extra money or something you could eventually transition to when it’s able to support you full time?

If you recently lost your job or are living in fear that you may lose your job and you’re starting to think you should start your own business then you’re at a very vulnerable place right now whether you realize it or not.

There are a ton of slick sales people online who all present themselves and their solution as THE answer and how to get you to a squillion dollars fast.

I’m not saying they’re lying. But they’re often selling you a solution you’re not ready for.

And even a practical, level-headed person can fall pray to messages that push all the right buttons. Suddenly you find yourself pulling out your credit card and buying something you pray is going to deliver the results you want…but the chances are very good it won’t.

I’m Winnie Anderson. The first half of my career was spent in human resources where I specialized in staffing, organizational development, and employee training.

In that time, I interviewed more than 10,000 people in my career as a recruiter and those applicants I recommended for hiring interviews who went on to be selected by the hiring manager had a whopping 95.4% retention rate.

That was because I used an approach called “screening in” where most recruiters in other companies approach staffing by “screening out”.

The difference is I would consider your skills, personality, and experience and — if you were applying for something you didn’t get or weren’t the best qualified for — I’d find something that was a match for you just to get a great person like you into our company. That way you could move up or move over to the job you really wanted. And you had a better chance of getting that job because the company I worked for looked at internal candidates first.

I was also the informal career counselor for the casino hotel where I worked, so people trusted me enough to tell me what made them unhappy in their current job and I would recommend a way for them to get to a position that was a better fit.

I’ve been an independent consultant since 1999 and I know what it’s like to start from scratch. I wasted tens of thousands of dollars before I figured out how to use my skills and talents as an independent professional and frankly I’m sick of watching the so-called experts tell you things like…

  • Start with figuring out your “why” (I’ll bet right now your big “why” is to feed yourself and your family)
  • Identify your Ideal Client (this is impossible when you don’t even know what services you’d offer)
  • Follow your passion and the money will follow (how many unemployed actors, writers, artists, and athletes do you know?)

The first place to start is in figuring out if being self-employed (even part time) is for you. Because it’s NOT for everyone.

I’m not kidding. There are some people who need to be employees and there’s absolutely no shame in that. Just like not everyone is cut out to be a manager either.

So if you’re interested in exploring becoming self-employed…you’d like to get some straight answers from someone known to be a straight-shooter…and you’re willing to invest a little time and money to see if your idea is worth pursuing and what to do next then I think it’s worth your time to have a consultation with me.

If you decide to do that here’s how this will work…

You’ll complete an indepth questionnaire and get it to me at least 24-hours before our session so I can review it.

We’ll talk via phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts for up to 90 minutes. (If we talk on the phone the conversation will be recorded and I’ll give you the recording as a gift so you can listen to it over and over again)

I’ll listen to you and share what you really need to do BEFORE starting your business (and it’s not open a separate bank account like I actually read in an article on Forbes.com).

I’ll reveal all the positives and negatives about being self-employed and talk about how you can start something on the side while keeping your “day” job. As a former human resources professional I can tell you there’s nowhere else you’ll get this straight information and it can make the difference between getting fired and keeping your job until you’re ready to quit. Sure, you could go to your company’s HR people. But once you tell them you’re thinking of starting a business you better start polishing your resume. HR people can be the biggest blabbermouths around.

Here’s who this is for and who it’s not for…

This is not for you if…

…you’re still so depressed over being laid off that it’s all you talk about and you’re just looking for someone to vent to. I respect that and I’m sorry but I’m not that person. Find a counselor who deals with that type of grief because until you move past the 7 Stages of Grief no one can help you and you can’t help yourself. Contact your local office of the United Way for help.

…you’re a naturally negative person┬ábecause I don’t work with negative people.

…you’re afraid of technology. Take a class near you and get past that. Your fears around it will only hold you back. Technology isn’t going away.

So who’s this right for?

It’s right for you if you have a solid work history (you’ve worked for each employer for 5 years or more) and you’ve always had great performance reviews.

It’s especially for you if you’re a salaried professional — whether an individual contributor, a supervisor, manager, or director.

OK, so you’re probably wondering how much and what’s the catch?

First the catch thing….there isn’t one. But here’s the not-so-fine print….

  • This call is a single session and once you book and pay for it you have to use it before Dec. 31st.
  • If you don’t use it before then, there’s no refund; so plan your schedule.
  • I’ll be as flexible as I can with my schedule but I only take calls 2 evenings a week — Monday and Wednesday — so if you’re thinking you need this to be super early in the morning or super early at night then it wouldn’t work for you. I stop working at 8pm ET so our session would have to be done by then.
  • Yes, you have to use the 90 minutes all at one time. If you’re talked out in 60 minutes there’s no rollover for the extra 30.

Now the price….

I don’t even charge by the hour. I work on projects and price each project or consulting package separately, but the last time I charged strictly by the hour people paid as much as $300 for one hour of consulting with me.

But don’t worry. I’m not going to charge that.

I decided to do this because I’m sick of the salesy promotions I’m seeing right now. I feel as though these people are trying to take advantage of those who’ve been laid off or who are looking around wondering what to do to protect themselves.

So for 90 minutes of my time and all the clarity and straight information you’re going to get, I’m charging just $90.

My holiday gift to you. It’s unlikely that I’ll offer something like this again.

Oh…and I can only take 6 people. So if you try to buy and the button doesn’t work that’s because all the spots are taken.

Ready to get the straight scoop on what you need to start a business full time or on the side? Then go ahead and click the button.

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