I’m in the process of giving my website a major overhaul so I hope you understand why links are missing and information is incomplete.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about what I do, who I work with, and how I work with clients, reach out to me via Facebook. I do only work with Introverts though and while anyone can benefit from my courses or books, I create everything with Introverts in mind.

You can send me a friend request, Like my business page, or ask to join my group The Courageous Success Community. PM me or leave me a message through Facebook and I’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours Monday through Friday.


The courses I teach are the same work I take my private clients through.

Here’s a quick overview of the core programs:

Foundation for Success

If you’re an introverted, mission-driven corporate escapee trying to profit from your expertise, this course will help you get clarity on your message, map out a process to get clients, and begin to build a successful business. This is perfect for you if you’re just launching, you’ve been stuck in feast or famine mode, or you’re ready to move into a new offering.

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Next Big Leap

This program is for the coach, consultant, or other service-professional who is ready to grow and take themselves and their business to the next level. You’ll create a plan to increase your reach and your revenue.

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Programs that help you get your message out to a bigger audience:

For those interested in using podcasts and podcasting or livestreaming to get their message out…

Get Known Faster: How to build your brand, share your message, and grow your business by being a guest on podcasts and livestream shows

Is a Podcast Right for You: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Dive in (don’t get sucked into a guru’s high-priced program!)

Strategic Podcasting: How to create a show that builds your brand, attracts clients and opportunities, and markets your business 24 / 7

Is a Book Right for You Right Now? 17 questions to ask yourself before you start writing

How to Write a Book People Want to Read: The step-by-step approach to planning and writing a book that positions you as the go-to authority in your field and attracts opportunities and clients

Pre-Sell and Profit: Create a content strategy that demonstrates your expertise and attracts clients ready to buy from you




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