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The show features interviews with entrepreneurs who’ve overcome amazing challenges to create success on their terms and experts who share insight and practical information that can help you get past your blocks and move forward with courage, confidence, and clarity.

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Show Notes

Every one of us has experienced some sort of challenge in our lives. For some it was a momentary mistake or action we took that we regret but have learned to live with. For others it may have been a loss or a rejection.

In today’s episode you’ll hear from professional speaker Peggy O’Neill who is 3 and a half feet tall.

Peggy is an award-winning keynote speaker and author. For over thirteen years, she has inspired powerful positive change in corporate and women’s groups across the US with her unforgettable, dynamic, and humorous keynote speeches and trainings.

Coming from the field of psychotherapy, and drawing from her extra-ordinary experiences triumphing over the many trials- being a little person living in a big world- Peggy lends her expertise in the areas of personal empowerment, celebrating diversity and enhancing professional performance.

Peggy has presented to over 100,000 people in organizations such as FEMA, Chase Bank, Diversity Works, Texaco, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Lucent Technologies, Ball Aerospace, Lockhead Martin and many others.

She has authored two books: Walking Tall: Overcoming Inner Smallness, No Matter What Size You Are;and Little Squarehead, an illustrated children’s book.

Featured on the cover of Speaker Magazine , Peggy is also a contributing teacher in the films The Opus, and Tapping the Source  Additionally, Peggy serves young students, offering anti-bullying and self-esteem programs.

Happily, Peggy brings real solutions to audience members and their hosting organizations. She lives in Ojai, CA, a small town near Santa Barbara.

Listen in as Peggy shares:

  • the path she took to becoming a professional speaker
  • her perspective on taking your greatest challenge and making it your biggest gift
  • the single biggest and best question you can ask yourself
  • 3 simple steps you can take to deal with your inner critic
  • How you can grow your inner bigness

She also shares a great, brief, guided meditation you can use any time to reconnect to your inner magnificence.

As always listen all the way to the end where I’ll share your cocktail exercise and action step for this episode.

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