​​​​Your Next Best Move

This page is currently under construction; but here’s the skinny on how I can help you get clear on Your Next Best Move.

There is so much advice online and so many gurus who swear they have the magic beans to help your business grow. Each of them claims to have a secret to get you a flood of new clients all dying to throw money at you.


And what would you do with a “flood”of new clients anyway? Do you have the systems in place to serve them and help them achieve their goals?

Probably not.

I put together this Next Best Move Intensive after I realized my clients had been grasping at bright shiny objects, blueprints, roadmaps, bootcamps, and all the other promises made by gurus.

I did the same thing. Until it dawned on me, that business success comes from doing some very basic things very well.

In a Next Best Move session, we’ll look at…

  • Where you are now
  • Where you want to go
  • What’s keeping you from getting there
  • How to get around what’s in your way
  • What’s the shortest, easiest, and most direct route to your Ultimate Intention.

If you want to learn more, head over to my Facebook page and drop me a message there. Or you can send me an email at winnie (at) winnieanderson (dot) com. Just write that like you would a normal email address.

I’ve got a packet that explains the Intensive to you and who it’s best for.

Hope to hear from you and stay tuned as I finish updating my site.


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